Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vogue 1250

My last and final dress for the Stay Cool Stitch Up A Dress Sew-a-long is Vogue 1250.

Now, there are many reviews on this dress and I figure, what's one more.

I love drape necks in blouses, dresses whatever. I think it's a flattering look on anyone. When I saw Carolyn make this dress, I ran to Joanns and picked up the pattern. Hey, the woman's made 4 of these dresses already and all I can say it, I right behind her. I have another one planned in a solid teal color. I have been dying to make this dress up for over a month but I was being very particular about my fabric choice and the print because I wanted something very summery looking. I purchased this fabric from Fabric Warehouse a couple of months ago and thought it fit the bill. Let's just say I'm Very happy with the outcome. If you don't have this pattern, please go out and get it. IT IS A MUST HAVE (Sheila, Karen are you listening?) The pattern consists of 2 major pieces and a facing for the back neckline and sews up in roughly 2 hours. The pattern drafting on this is genious. It gives the illusion of being tight fitted, but it really isn't. It just conforms and drapes around your body,

and it also helps that the dress is very, and I mean very comfortable.

Here's my review of the pattern:

Pattern Description:

MISSES' DRESS: Close-fitting dress.

Pattern Sizing:

6-20. I made a size 14.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes, the directions were very easy to follow.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I LOVE the construction of this dress. It has two major pieces and a facing piece for the back neckline.

Fabric Used:

Cotton Lycra Knit which I purchased from Fabric Warehouse.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I added two inches to the length of the dress. I also finished the sleeves by hand as sometimes depending on the fabric you use when you hem sleeves in knit, they sometimes get a ripple look from serging them and then sewing them. Doing it by hand took care of that problem for me.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes, I"m going to make it in a teal blue. I think everyone should have one of these in their closet.


This is an awesome dress and I really love it.

Butterick 5147

Hi Everyone!!!! Happy Father's Day!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. I made sure I got up bright and early and made my phone call to my Dad!

Thank you all for the lovely comments you left me about my ruffle dress. I wore it last Saturday night when I played for a golf outing dinner and it was a big hit. The guys loved it and said I reminded them of Tina Turner. Let's just say I was shaking my thang and having a good time.

Dress #2 for the Stay Cool Stitch Up A Dress is The Blue Hawiian Dress a.k.a. the dress that almost wasn't. Last year I started this dress and after I cut it out, I realized that it had a fade mark going down the full length of the front of the dress. I looked at it and pressed on thinking hopefully that I'd be able to fix it. The lining was attached and all I had to do was put the zipper in and sew the sides up.

Discouraged, I put the dress away and it became a UFO. Now, during this time I spoke to Sheila and she suggested possibly using a Sharpie marker might do the trick and I agreed but of course I would have to do a spot check to see if it would work first. Fast forward one year later and Faye (Linda) has a sew-a-long for summer dresses which I join. I had no intention of finishing this dress but hay, I was straightening up/organizing my sewing room a little(it's a work in progress) and I came across the dress.

I thought to myself, "I went this far, I might as well finish it and tryout the marker. Last weekend after I installed the zipper and sewed up the sides, I put the dress on and went to town with my blue sharpie. What do you know, it worked. I am one happy woman because I really like this Fabric.

Pattern Description:

MISSES/MISSES PETITE JACKET, TOP, DRESS AND SKIRT: Jacket A has front and back darts, collar and three-quarter length sleeves. Top B has front and back darts, side zipper. Slim fitting dress C has front and back darts, back zipper and back slit, length is 2" below mid-knee. A-line dress D has front and back darts, back zipper, length is mid-calf. Slim fitting skirt E has front and back darts, back zipper and back slit, length is 2" below mid-knee. A-line skirt F has front and back darts, back zipper, length is mid-calf. All garments are lined.

Pattern Sizing:

8-24. I made a 14.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes, and I love the directions to install the lining.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

The one thing that I would change for next time is the lining pieces. Unfortunately, the lining pieces are the same as the main garment pieces. When I make this again, and I will, I will make the lining pieces a little bigger so that the dress itself will not pull. With the pieces being the same size, the dress can not flow the way it wants to and it pulls in a few places.

Fabric Used:

Cotton Twill that I purchased from Karlin's in Philadelphia last year.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

None, but, for my next version, I plan on making the lining a little bigger. Also, I will not use this lining fabric again. It was horrible. I wore it to work and when I got home, one of the seams frayed. I have a funny feeling I might have to change the lining in the future.

Lesson learned.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes, and yes.


This is a fantastic wardrobe builder for anyone's closet. Sheath dresses can pretty much work for anything, work, special occasions, or just a quiet night out. I say it's all in your fabric choice. Up next is Vogue 1250.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Ruffle Tunic Dress

Thank you so much for all the great comments on my little pretties and my anniversary wishes. Rachel and Linda, take the plunge and make some, you will not regret it. I have a few patterns but I haven't tried them yet. I like Antoinette's tutorial because you use an old pair of underwear that already fits you great.

Last summer I purchased a yard and a half of some ruffle fabric from Joanns clearance section in the hopes of making a tank top or something for work. The more I thought about it I wanted to make a tank dress but I wasn't sure I had enough fabric to accommodate that. It also doesn't help that I'm 5'9. I had the day off on Friday so I decided to see if I could work or at least start to work it out.

I started with the tank from Kwik Sew 3740.

I made the cowl so much this past winter I was comfortable with the fit of the bodice. I figured that the tank should probably fit the same way. I drafted out a skirt adding it to the bodice and angling out to make it a little more a-line than straight. I wanted a more tunic/shift look than a sheath dress.

It wasn't hard keeping the ruffles lined up as long as I took my time and sewed slowly. The hardest part were the armholes. Sewing around in a circle had the ruffles going in two different directions. There were a lot of stop and go moments. I really like how this dress/tunic turned out and I wore it to work on Monday with capris as I thought it was too short for work, but I can possibly see myself wearing it out on a date night or possibly to gig in. Oh, and yes my friends, the dress is fully lined (sorry no pics, I guess I was in a hurry). There was no way I was going anywhere in this dress as sheer as it is.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

My Little Pretties and Some Dinner - A la Escargot

On Wednesday, May 25th I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary to Mr. D. In celebration of that, I can proudly say that I finally made my first pair of little pretties. I think they turned out pretty nice, and they are very comfortable. I used Antoinette's tutorial as per Kyle's suggestion. Thanks for the push girl!!! I can see more of these in my future especially since it's a great use for leftover scraps of knit fabric, and these days, I am just not liking the quality of underwear that is sold in the store. I'm not giving out any brand names, but I'm sure some of you know who I'm talking about. Now, I know I can be cheap at times, but when I put my money out for something, I expect it to last for at least a year. After a few washings, I've got threads coming undone or the fabric starts to ravel. I had one pair of pretties that I think I wore twice and the next thing I knew there was a hole in the lace.

I contemplated using my birthday coupon this year and thought twice about it. To the sewing machine I went. At least I know the quality of the fabric I purchase, and I think these turned out really good for a first effort.

Now I know it's a bit off to talk about food and underwear in the same post, but I'm going to go there anyway.

In celebration of our third anniversary, Mr. D and I went to Bistrot La Minette.

It is a french restaurant at 623 South 6th Street I believe between South and Bainbridge. If you get a chance and you are in the Philadelphia area and want french cuisine, check them out. The food is delicious and the staff are on point. This was our first foray into french cuisine and we loved it.

They were celebrating National Escargot Day on May 24th and 25th and we were celebrating our anniversary, what better mix could there be. We had never had escargot before and it was something that we both always wanted to try.

To start us off while we waited they brought out cheese puffs and warm bread straight from the oven. I could not get enough of the bread it was so good.

Escargot is a french delicacy. One of the main foods that snails eat are grape leaves so they are most often found in the wine producing regions of France. While escargot is normally served as an appetizer in France, this restaurant decided to feature it as a four course dinner to wet our appetites and treat us to smells and tastes that had you wanting more. And I really mean that. When we finished, we both felt we could have done the dinner all over again for a second time.

The first course was Escargots de Bougogone

It is six burgundy snails, garlic herb butter and croutons

The second course was Escargot en Papillote

This course was Escargots, mussels, sardines, spring vegetables in a broth

The third course was Escargots Avec Boeuf Braise

Which is slow-braised escargots, beef, red wine, puff pastry and glazed carrots

Our final course was Tarte Aux Fruits Rouges

A dessert of berry tart, meringue and wild strawberry sauce.

They topped it off by bringing this beautifully garnished plate of sweets out to end our evening.

All in all it was a lovely evening that ended with a stroll down South Street before heading home.

Friday, June 03, 2011

PR Chicago (I know I'm late!!!)

It's been a longggggg time and I promise you that I have been trying to write a post since I got back from Chicago, but life has gotten in the way. I have so much to write about but so little time, and now I'm trying to play catch up. I know you heard it from everyone else, but PR Chicago was a BLAST!!!! If you weren't there you missed out. I got to see some friends I met last year. It felt like I just saw them yesterday. I also got a chance to meet Tanya who I've been blogging with for quite some time. But, guess what, there is always next year, and that is one weekend you don't want to miss out on. Deepika,Congrats on Pattern Review's 10th Anniversary. I know you never thought it would come to this and be this big. All I can say is Thank You, for Pattern Review.

I could not have asked for better roommates, Connie, Karen and Touran. Ladies, you are beautiful inside and out and man, did our personalities mesh well. I love like minded people.

Tina and the other Chicago ladies including my buddies Cennetta and Robin outdid themselves and made one enjoyable weekend that I will not soon forget. I was so busy talking my head off about everything and learning that I realized on my way home I didn't get the pictures I wanted of my outfits except for the stock market outfit, which by the way was a hit.

I tried to process everything I saw and learned. I was having a hard time writing because believe it or not, I am still processing everything. Angela Wolf is something else and she got the rusty pipes in my head pumping and churning. I think I still need some oil to help the creaking out. The lectures with Angela were AMAZING!!!!!! She was engaging and a wealth of information. She makes one really think and she's got my mind going in so many different directions.

Her garments are beautiful and she does wonderful work. I was in awe when I found out she was self taught and learned everything pretty much from reading. She is a no holds bar woman and tries anything and everything with her sewing. For those of us that took lessons and the teacher said "no, you can't do that?" ERASE IT from your memory. They were just holding you back. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment. You just might come up with something new and amazing.

I still need to take pictures of my wonderful fabrics from the trip , but that is forth coming.

Kyle , you are one awesome lady and it was a pleasure seeing you again, and I have something for you to see in my next post.


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