Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh My Goodness, She's Alive!!!!!

Yes, I might have been away for a month, but I have been knitting. I also managed to finish sewing a pair of pants I started a while back. My apologizes for being a bad blogger, but I got caught up in the everyday swing of things. Every time I sat down to blog, something else pulled me away. The season has started on my day job, and is in full swing and very busy. I did try to keep up with my blog reading even though I haven't left any comments. Thank you to all of you that emailed me while I've been away. It was wonderful to know you cared.

Anyway, here's what I've been working on.

1. Baby Eleanor is finished except for blocking.

2. Juliet is about 85 to 90 percent complete.

3. I 've started the red circular blanket now for the 3rd time(I restarted again last Thursday night), and I think I finally got it, and yes, it's a different pattern and yarn. I'm using my own personal pattern so I'm making it up as I go. Because I don't have a lot of time left (the baby is due the end of November), I had to resort to my crochet skills, which I must say, my reading skills are improving daily. Crochet is no joke when it comes to reading patterns.

4. I designed a hat for the fi for Christmas and that's complete. I think it might be a future pattern, but I'm contemplating whether or not to put it on the blog before the holidays. He sometimes likes to read my blog to keep up and be in the know with what I'm doing.

5. I finished the back of my mom's shawl collared sweater and now need to cast on for the front.

In sewing news:

I want to sew a pair of lounge pants for the fi for the holidays. I also bought a few patterns from Joann Fabrics recently (they've been having great sales lately). I'm saving all that info. for another post.

This Sunday I'm teaching my first crochet class at the Knitting Knook in Marlton, NJ It's a 3 hour intensive on the basics. I'm still putting everything together for it. If there's time, I might start a mini project. I'm not sure what the mini project will be, but I'm leaning toward a small purse, that way all the stitches can be incorporated.

I have more updates, but that info will come soon in future posts. I'm hoping to have pictures up in the next couple of days. I hope everyone is doing well.

As Adrienne says,



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