Sunday, March 09, 2014

What I'm working on - Vogue 1314

My brother-in-law is getting married and the engagement party is next weekend.  I want a new dress to wear so I started surfing the web and blogs for inspiration.  I was checking out Wanett of Sown Brooklyn's blog and came across her post on Reese, Beckham and Wang.  While looking at the pictures I fell for this little sexy number by Tracy Reese.

 It automatically reminded me of Vogue 1314 by Tracy Reese, which I happen to have in my stash.

I'm thinking that with a pair of Spanx and some sucking in, hopefully I can pull this little number off.  This is my fabric choice.  I like the gold flecks that are all over the fabric.  It makes it look a little more dressier I think.

I purchased it from Jomar a couple of years ago.  I'm not sure about the keyhole and don't want to mess the dress up.  There is enough fabric to make the bow.  I don't know.  Should I do the keyhole or just the bow?  Let me know your thoughts.  With a little luck I'm hoping to get it finished by the end of the week.  I've got the gathers done so far.  Hopefully I can get a little more done tonight, we'll see.  Once Upon A Time is getting ready to come on in 10 minutes and I don't want to miss it.

Happy Crafting???


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