Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday!!

So I know it's been a week. But it was a busy one. Thanks for the comment on which fabric I should use. I was kind of leaning toward the red fabric, so I've decided to make the dress in both fabrics. I bought lining, zippers, and interfacing yesterday. I plan on cutting everything out soon.

I was looking through one of my Victoria Secret Sale Catalogs and saw this crochet dress.

I thought to myself, I could make my own version mixing both crochet and knit. I went a bought a tank top from the Gap, pulled out this purple yarn from my stash and got busy. I started Wednesday night and this is what I have so far. What do you think? I plan on doing a post on how I did everything in case anyone want to make one. I'm thinking about lining the skirt portion with a tan fabric, accenting with tan satin ribbon and I'm going to go back to the Gap and get a tan tank top to go underneath the purple one.I swear I look awful in this picture. I've gained 10 pounds and need to get rid of them quick. It's disgusting.

Here's a peek at the blanket I made last weekend. I didn't get a chance to make the matching pillow so, I'm doing that some time today. I got the back of the vest I started last week done, and started on one of the front panels. I hope to have knitting progress pictures up by tomorrow.

I hate to post and run, but I'm meeting Lisa for afternoon brunch, sewing, and knitting. I made the Martha Stewart blueberry muffins again this morning to take with me.

Gotta go. I hope all of you are having a great weekend. As Adrienne says,


Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you ever feel like you're doing a lot but not accomplishing anything? Well, that's how I was feeling last night. I have at least 4 projects on needles and I'm not finishing anything and I'm also getting bored ( I think that's why I barely knit anything last week). So, what's a girl to do? Start another project that you know you can finish quickly. This is Number 17 from Katia #51. The yarn is Nepal: 72% acrylic and 27% wool. Each piece of the garment is knit with a different colorway of yarn.I started knitting the back this morning on the way to work. I'm already done one ball, and a little over half of the back is done. Now, that's what I call progress. It's mindless knitting, and I can watch television doing it. I'm also happy because I'm getting a jump on my fall wardrobe. This should look good with pants and long skirts. These are the other two colorways that I will be using to complete the vest. I'm hoping it turns out okay with the colors I picked.

I am up to casting on for the left sleeve on the baby jacket.
In sewing news, I'm picking out my next projects. As I said yesterday, I'm planning on making this, Butterick B4188, View A. I think it can stand alone with a tank top underneath and hopefully can transition into the fall with a long sleeve fitted tee. What do you think?
I also want to make a skirt as this will give me practice working with my new zipper foot. This pattern is New Look 6433. I'm going to use this tan cotton quilting fabric as a lining. I 'm hoping it will give a nice color contrast to the chocolate. I need a little help on this one. Here is pattern 6348. Which fabric to you like better?

If I use the red fabric, I can make a cocktail version of this dress with this fabric.Well, I'm getting ready to go and make a meditation blanket and pillow tonight if I'm not too tired. Tomorrow, I have yard work to do over at my mom's and on Sunday, I have a birthday party to go to for my girlfriend's son.What do you have planned for the weekend?

Have a good one.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The goodness of it all

How is everybody doing? I'm just great!! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you left about the wedding pictures. I have enjoyed every single one.

Last Sunday, I caught the 40% off sale at Fabric Warehouse and got all of this lovely goodness (Sheila, you know this is for you). These aren't the greatest shots but you can at least get the picture.

Joann Fabrics was having a $1.99 sale on Butterick patterns this past weekend . I really went for this pattern B4188. I thought it would be perfect for the red fabric above with the black flowers. I only have 1 yard of it. I'm doing view A which is the top in blue. I have this really cute black skirt that I think will go really well with it.

So you know you can't go to a pattern sale and just buy one pattern, so I also got these.

I also got this New Look pattern.

When I purchased my sewing machine (back in the early 90's), Sew and Vac gave me a zipper foot that actually was not for my machine, and I've been trying to make it work. It's okay in a pinch but let's just say after breaking 3 needles this past week, I got a little tired. So, last week I found these.

A set of 4 industrial feet on ebay(for only $10), and hooray for me, I made my first ever ebay purchase. The left footed one (2nd one in from the left) looks like it's going to work. I tried it on yesterday, and it looks like a perfect fit. The test will be of course when I have to sew another zipper in. I think I might try a skirt next or maybe I'll make myself another pouch as that would go a little quicker.

In knitting news, I casted on for the sleeves for the minimalist cardi. So far so good. I also am almost up to the bib part of the baby overalls, and I casted on for the left front of the baby jacket last night. I didn't do much knitting last week. I think I really just didn't feel like it. I did do some reading though for spiritual enlightenment. It was pretty good. I also started doing this again. I was amazed on how I just picked it up again with no trouble. I had forgotten how nice and soothing it was to spin.

On Sunday morning I woke up and made these.

It's the blueberry recipe from Martha Stewart's (love her) baking book. All I can say is FABULOUS!!! They are so dense you can only eat one, even though you want more. It's all blueberry goodness!! I want to make zucchini muffins next. I had them a couple of times from this cafe near my hairdresser's. I figure they can't be hard to make so I might try that next. I also made this potato salad. It was an experiment that turned out very well. If you're interested in the recipe, I'll post it. Let me know. What are you up to?


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