Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 Years Already?

I can't believe how time flies, but it does. On Tuesday, Mr. D and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. In honor of this lovely occasion, I googled wedding anniversary presents and found out that the traditional gift for the 2nd anniversary is cotton. Since he's always asking me to make him something I decided to make him a cotton t-shirt. Now before I could start shopping for a pattern, my buddy Karen stepped in and put me on to the Burda Style t-shirt for men. Once I printed out the 22 pages and taped them together(man was that a lot of work), it was smooth sailing. The fabric was from Walmart. The second part of his present was an embroidered hand towel for when he goes to the gym. Yes my friends, I recently purchased a used embroidery machine for a whopping $80. Don't you just love it? I'm still learning how to use it, but I was able to do this much so far. He liked it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Simplicity 2443

Or better know as the PR Philly Jacket as some have deemed it. I first saw this pattern when Mimi first posted about it back in January. I think shortly there after I went to Joanns and purchased the pattern. Nothing like building that pattern collection. Then I saw Lori's version in March, and to top it off she made another one in April. Well, that was enough to get me going. I figured I could get it done hopefully for PR Weekend to wear either Friday or Saturday. I cut everything out Wednesday night and started sewing on Thursday. On Friday, I had basically everything done except for the facings, sleeves, and bands. I was determined to wear that baby on Saturday, and no one was going to stop me. During our lunch break I whipped this baby out and finished the bottom band.
(At lunch sewing the band. Picture compliments of Connie)
While waiting to walk to dinner, I sewed the buttons on. I think I was smoking some thread because I didn't get home from the festivities Friday night till around 11pm. I remember talking to my mother on the phone, then speaking to my husband, I took a shower and then got cracking on the sleeves, which finally got done by like 2 am. I'm still trying to figure out how I lasted till 11 pm Saturday night. In the end, all I can say is that I love this jacket.
I will be making another one in a darker color as I wore the jacket not only on Saturday, but I drove over to my Mom's on Sunday to show her, and then wore it again on Monday to work. It is so versatile and can dress a garment up or down. If this baby is in your stash, make it, you won't regret it.

Now, on to the new acquired stash.
I knew what I had at home, and that I wanted to curb what I purchased on Saturday so, overall I think I did pretty good. My first stop was Maxie's Daughter for some vintage patterns. I'm very interested in making belts right now, so my next stop was Albert Zolls for some belt buckle kits. I also picked up some wide elastic to make some expandable belts. A stop on 4th street to me means making sure I stop at PA Fabric Outlet. As usual, I was not disappointed. I'm always in the need for more trim and buckles. I also picked up these 2 pieces of fabric.
Next up was London Textiles in Cherry Hill, NJ. I have never been there before, and let me tell you, I do plan on going there again. The abstract and beige brown floral I am reserving for dresses. The other 3 will be for shirts I think. I'm still up in the air about the dotted fabric with the cherries. It may become a dress too. The last stop was Jomar. I picked up 2 knits, 1 shirting and 2 pieces for lining fabric.

I have a few more reviews to do as I've made a few things but never did the reviews for them. As to what I'm sewing right now you ask? I just prepped this beauty for BWOF 5-2010-105.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PR PHILLY!! Take 1

They came. They saw. They concurred!! And I think we might have even overwhelmed a few of those stores Saturday on 4th street. But, all in all, PR Philly was great, a blast!!! I so enjoyed meeting all the ladies that came for the weekend. It was awesome seeing all that crafty goodness in one spot and to be amongst all of you talented ladies. Auntie Allyn, I apologize for stalking you over the Vogue 8659 dress, but you did look fabulous. Audrey, Simplicity 2633 is already on my list of patterns to buy next. Jaeng , I am now more determine to make Vogue 1099 after seeing your version on Friday. Claudine, I have no words, but I do aspire. I admired you from afar through your blog, but to see the work that you do in person? I am in awe. I enjoyed our walk on Friday and dinner Saturday night. Thank you. Carolyn and Meg, I am so glad I got a chance to meet both of you. I had a blast on Saturday, and yes, we really do like you, A LOT!! To the ladies I had lunch and dinner with on Friday and that I drove to the train station on Saturday, thank you. You are all beautiful inside and out. Sheila, Sista Girl, I have no words, you know I'm always happy to see you. To my co-partners who worked hard to make this weekend come into fruition, LADIES, (Karen, Lee, Mimi, Annette, and Elaine)I think we pulled this one off. Whew!!!!! As I wipe the sweat off my brow. A special thank you has to go out to Connie, for loaning us her van on Saturday. You're the best.

Kenneth King was awesome, I just wanted to take him home. His banter was as good as his the embellishment class. I plan on using this technique very soon, so stay tuned.

The private collections at the Art Museum on Friday was really cool. It was great being able to see all those garments up close and personal. Some of the techniques I've never seen before, and it would be nice to try and replicate some of the finishing. I especially liked the hook and eye plus snap closures on the lovely dress from the 1950s.
(Photo compliments of Trena)
Friday night after dinner was the show and tell/fashion show. LOVED IT!!!!! My pattern list is getting longer just thinking about it.

Saturday's shopping spree was a free for all. I loved all the stares and scheming going on, as some of us looked on with envy, in the hopes that some of you would put some of your pieces down so we could grab it. Hey, I know I'm a guilty party.

On Sunday I picked up Jacqui from the hotel since her flight wasn't until 5:30 pm and we hung out at JoAnns for a little bit. Then I drove her to the airport.

In the end, a great time was had by all, and I want to do it all over again next year. I hope we find out where it is soon so that I can make sure I have the time off.

That's it for me. Next up the PR Weekend Jacket Post!!

(Photo compliments of Connie)


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