Sunday, April 01, 2018

My Easter Dress - Sweet Charity Part I

Last Summer and Fall I had the pleasure of taking 2 ause their comfypattern drafting classes at Sew Pretty Studio.  During my second term or Pattern Drafting 2,  we worked on starting a collection and had to design 3 outfits.  This dress was the first sketch I drew for class.

As Easter drew closer, and Sew Camp (I'll talk about that in another post) was fast approaching, I had to think about my fabric choices, as I knew this was what I wanted to work on while I was there.  Originally, I thought about making this dress in a scuba knit, and may still do that in the future, but for some reason I wanted to work with a woven material.  My instructor, Michelle, and the owner of Sew Pretty Studios says, knits are too easy to fit and are very forgiving.  Wovens  are more challenging and you have to work harder for that fit.  Plus, she's a seamstress and does bridal wear normally.  Since I do knits, regularly, because they're comfy, I decided to pick a woven fabric.

I am proud to say that this fabric was picked from my humongous fabric stash.  I chose this tweed boucle fabric which I purchased from Karlin's Fabric Store which used to be off of Market Street in Philadelphia, PA.  I'm sad to say that unfortunately, Karlin's has been closed for sometime, but he had some amazing fabrics.  Anyway, I digress.

I chose this cotton boucle.

At Sew Camp, my fabric was run through the dryer with a wet cloth to take out the shrinkage.  I'll dry clean the dress from here on out I think because I want the color of this fabric to stay rich and well preserved.  After it came out of the dryer I then laid my drafted pieces out on the fabric for cutting

and later drafted the  facings for the dress as I had not drafted them yet.

I was able to get the dress and lining cut out and sewn together at camp but attached them together when I got home since I did not have enough time to complete it while there.

I'm going to stop here for today as there are some really cool details I put on this dress and I don't want to forget anything.  Plus there are a couple more pictures I want to take., but here's a sneak peak of the finished dress.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!


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