Sunday, December 02, 2007

So what did you do Saturday night?

Yarn: Katia Nordic Print
Needle: US #17

I tried my hand at needle felting almost 2 years ago but I've never done a felting project before, so I decided to try my hand at it. Let me tell you, the process in the washing machine is interesting. It's amazing how much lint these things give off, but it's definitely something that I'd do again. I knitted the handbag with Katia Nordic Print on #17 needles. The bag was finally dry on Friday when I came home from work. I proceeded to give it a haircut because it was a little shaggy. Last night I pulled out my needle felting and had a little fun. I'm just waiting on the hardware to come in the mail. I ordered it on Friday.

In other knitting updates: I started working on the front of my mother's shawl collared sweater. I'm about 3 inches away from binding off for the shawl collar area in the center. It's looking good so far. I also started crocheting (because it's faster, and I need them for the holidays) a couple of pieces to make some wristlets in the same fashion as the bag above. My mom saw the bag above and then proceeded to ask me if she was on the list to receive one of the wristlets, and that if she wasn't, she better be. I snickered of course. Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I hope to have more pictures during the week.


Unknown said...

i'm having a restful weekend!!! this is fabulous. i love the color too!!!

Meg said...

Okay, I'm stinking JEALOUS! I spent most of the day yesterday trying to knit a placemat and made a mistake I don't know how to fix at the last minute! AUGH!!

Sheila said...

Great bag. Saturday I ventured to Sears to get a new exercise bike... now I can't wait to get assembled.

Lisa said...

Your bag is FAB! The needle felting is icing on the beautiful cake :)

I always use a pillow protecter with a sipper to do my machine felting. It really helps contain the lint and probably extends the life of your washing machine.

Lisa said...

um...zipper not sipper...erhh.


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