Thursday, April 17, 2008

MagKnits!! No More

So, I found out yesterday that MagKnits is no longer online. There wasn't any warning, only an entry on Kerrie's blog telling everyone that she has decided to shut it down. I not going to go into detail, as I didn't know all that crazy stuff was going on. It's a shame and I did like that online magazine. Kerrie published my first sweater design, and for that I am very grateful. Anyway, right now there isn't a link for my pattern. I will try to work on that as soon as I get a chance and probably put it up as a pdf on my blog.

I hope everyone has a good day!!


Robin said...

I was sad to see MagKnits shut down as well.

Anonymous said...

Andrea: They set up a post on to link up a lot of these "lost" patterns. You might check it out to put your designs there.


Mariss said...

That's a shame, I was sorry to hear that.

You should definitely put your pattern up on your blog and / or on Ravelry, which it's probably already on ;)

marit said...

Too bad about Magknits. I hope your pattern is still availible somewhere.
Have fun planning your wedding!

Sheila said...

Hi and hoping your wedding plans are going smoothly. Sorry to hear about Magknits. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment on my dress.

Lisa said...

It was a bummer that they were gone so quickly with no notice. I am sure everyone will appreciate having the pdf to your pattern posted on Ravelry.

Hope all is going well with the wedding plans and that we get a chance to see you before. We are going to miss you at MDS@W!


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