Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Lily Skirt

Back in January I had the pleasure of test sewing the Yalta top for Lena.

I liked it so much that when Lena emailed me letting me know that she was coming out with her second pattern Lily,

                                                       (This picture is courtesy of Lena)
Here's my version.

I quickly jumped on the bandwagon and said I wanted to test sew this pattern as well.  Lily is the answer to that Marilyn Monroe skirt that likes to fly away when a breeze catches it.  Lily is a downloadable pattern of a 6 gore skirt.

The pattern consists of 48 pages that you have to tape together.  For those of you that have never worked with a downloadable pattern before, it's a breeze.  You just need some scotch tape.  Lena's patterns are very well drafted and her instructions are simple and easy to understand.  The 48 pages make up the actual skirt

and the lining pieces as well.

The fabric used for this pattern is chiffon.  Some of you might be a little afraid to work with that fabric, but you just have to jump in and try it.  There are ways to tame the slide.  To get this baby put together I interfaced both sides of the skirt where the zipper would be inserted.  That will help with the wear and tear of the skirt since as time goes by the zipper is a little stronger than the fabric.  Interfacing will help the skirt hold up longer.  I also serged all the seams.

 I interfaced the waistband of the skirt since I couldn't find my fusible tape.

That helps with any fraying and makes the waistband a little more sturdier.  I also applied some hem tape at the waistband area as well.  I wanted my waistband a little more stronger.

The end result give the waistband edge a nice clean finish.

 Here are a picture of the lining.

I liked working with this pattern because it enabled me to do some stash busting and to create something that is perfect to ring this Spring season in.

I know I can't wear it yet because it hasn't warmed up enough yet, but it gives me something to look forward to.  I'm counting the days.


Adelaide B said...

Cute! Love that print.

Candice said...

Very cute skirt and thanks for the tips with working with this fabric!

Tanya said...

So cute, love the fabric. I really hope it helps to bring Spring on.

Lori said...

Cute skirt, the fabric is so pretty.

Rosie said...

I love the fabric/print Andrea. Great pattern. Congrats on the car again!

Lena Merrin said...

Always a pleasure working with you Andrea! I'll see you at the next Google hangout :))

Sewingadicta said...

That skirt looks absolutely fabulous on you!! Thanks for all the sewing tips to "tame" this fabric so hard .... You are great!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

What a great flippy skirt! I hope you do get Spring to come. I am definitely eagerly awaiting it!

SEWN said...

Love that skirt. So cute on you.

Myra said...

Very Very cute Skirt Andrea!...I'm going to try this one too! Thanks for the great tips on both Lena's website and interfacing the chiffon!


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