Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tessuti Fave Top

My second top for Faye’s sew-a-long is the Tessuti Fave Top (free downloadable pattern at Tessuti Fabrics out of Australia).  

I first saw this pattern back in 2010 when Christina made it up, but at the time, I was not into downloadable patterns yet.  I wanted to make something up quick and easy since there was not a lot of time left on the sew-a-long.  This pattern is a one size fits all and the download is only 25 pages.  It is WELL worth all the taping you have to do.  There are only two pattern pieces to this top and from all the different Fave tops I’ve seen made up on the internet, and there are quite a few, it is flattering on everyone.  

Even though it worked out for me as this was a muslin to check for fitting and any modification needed, the only thing I would change for myself is to make the sleeves a little bigger.  My upper arms are a little on the thick side from all the weight lifting I did when I was younger so I need to make allowances for that, but otherwise, I love this top and see a few more of these in my future.  

I’m all about the comfort these days, especially on my days off and this is a top that you can either dress up or wear casually on the weekends just working around the house or doing errands.  I can even see myself lengthening this baby to a dress pattern to lounge around the house in. 

In addition to making this top last night, I decided to do a refashion as well to go along with it.  The skirt that is in this picture originally was a calf length skirt (Sorry I didn't take any pictures before cutting.  Sometimes I jump in before thinking) that I purchased years ago.  It was so long ago that I don't recall when I bought it, but I do know it was purchased between 1995 and the early 2000's.  I was never crazy about the fit (how it hugged my legs from the knees down) and last night it popped out at me and said, "make he shorter, so I did.  It was quicker than making one and now we are both happy, and my skirt will no longer just be sitting in a pile of clothes that I no longer wear, but am not ready to get rid of.

Linda, thank you for another successful sew-a-long.  It could not have come along at a better time as always.  I look forward to them and even though I was only able to get 2 tops completed, it's 2 more than I had before.  You rock!!!!!!  I also had a chance to look at all the lovely tops that were made by the other ladies and my blouse/top list is getting longer.  There were a few I saw that I know I have the patterns to in my stash, so you know I need to get busy.  Thank for all for the great comments that you all have been leaving me.  I hope the rest of your week goes by quickly.

Happy Crafting!!!


Anonymous said...

It is very pretty, and looks great on you!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Very cute top! The graphic print and loose fit are right on trend. So clever to shorten the skirt--I love it when I can extend my wardrobe so easily like that.

Myra said...

This top is very pretty! I've never heard of these patterns before. Thanks for the tip!

Lisette M said...

Love it!

Adrienne said...

Very pretty!

JE said...

You're "working" that blouse!! Nice:-)


velosews said...

The draping on this top works really well on you. Cool print too.


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