Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day FO's and a Meme

Happy Labor Day!!! I will be lazing around with my buddies Lisa and Robin at the pool today. I'm just getting a late start. Before I do, I thought I'd let you see what I finished on Friday (Fall Fashion wardrobe piece #1 ). The Minimalist Cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum.
Yarn: Cestari by Chester Farms on #7 needle.

This sweater was very easy to make and the sweater pattern is memorable after doing a few rows. It's definitely a project that you can take on the road or do while watching television. A nice staple to have in your wardrobe to take the chill off. It can pretty much go with anything. Dress it up or wear it with jeans.

This is what I made on Saturday (Fall Fashion wardrobe piece #2)New Look 6648.

I'm pretty proud of this garment. Although I've known how to sew for many years, and am really just getting back into it, I've never worked with knits before. I've also never done this neckline before either so I learned 3 new things on this project. The 3rd being stitch in the ditch, and it was very easy. This pattern is very straight forward, and I didn't have to make any adjustments to it. I will definitely be making another one, probably in a solid color and maybe with longer sleeves.

Sorry, nothing on Sunday, hung out with Mom, and did food shopping and more yard work.

I'll have pictures up later in the week with me actually in the garments. For now I'll leave you with the Tree of Happiness meme. I have been tagged by the the lovely Lisa. I am tagging these lovely people: Robin, Amanda, Susan and Sheila, Robin, Stacey. The Happiness Tree sayeth that you must list six things that make you happy. These are my six :

1. My husband and 2 dogs. They are my rock. My husband pushes me to do things and to always be outgoing. He listens when I need an ear, and gives me his shoulder when I need to lean on it. Byron(my older dog) has been around now for 15 years. He loves me unconditionally, and scolds me even when I don't need it. Jack(younger dog) just loves me.

2. The one special Saturday morning (rare for me) when you don't have to get up and you can sleep in without a care in the world and just laze around. It's even better when it is raining outside.

3. Shopping at my favorite craft or yarn store. (hee, hee)

4. Cheese fries and funnel cake from the boardwalk in Atlantic City. You know you can't go there without trying it.

5. Knitting/Crocheting/Designing something and when it's finally finished, you have that moment. Then the big cheesy grin shows up and you bounce all around for joy because you did something really good.

6. Wednesday night knit group at Rosie's, my knitting class on Thursday nights that I teach and my knitting/crochet/sewing friends in blog land. You all are the best, and bring out the best in me. Thank you.


Nik said...

I'm working on the Minimalist Cardigan also. Started it yesterday. You're right-after a couple of rows, the pattern is burned in your brain. I just finished knitting a baby sweater in double moss stitch, so my fingers just remembered how to work it.

Susan said...

Thanks for tagging me for the meme. I will make sure to post it sometime this week. Fab FOs. Can't wait to see you in them!

Sheila said...

The Minimalist Cardigan is perfect for knocking off the chill... great job. Love your top and welcome to the world of sewing

Thanks for the meme. I will post it soon.

Robin said...

Minimalist Cardigan turned out great! And NL 6648 looks very familiar...LOL. Nice job on that! I love that pattern. It doesn't look like it would be as flattering as it is - I was super surprised at how good mine looked when I finished it.

Amanda said...

Girl I am going to have to quit visiting your blog, every time I come here I see another knit to add to my queue! Add to that you are seriously making me want to start sewing. (You know I am kidding, of course!) I can't wait to see modeled shots of your FO's.

Thanks for the tag, much of what mekes you happy makes me happy as well. I will get right on my list.

Mariss said...

Awww. You make me happy too! It's really great to have made such GREAT friends at knitting circle. Sounds so cliche, but it really is the case with our group. xo


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