Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!

Is anyone still there? (knock) (knock)  I know it's been a hot minute but the house of Andrea has been in an uproar due to more health issues and the craziness of everyday life.  Hope you all are well, I'm working on getting things back to normal and I have tons of stuff to blog about that I've made over the last few months.  Lets just say, I got a lot of knitting done, and I was also able to go on vacation with Mr. D to see my father while I left my mother in very good hands.  To start me back up and get my feet moving, I have joined Faye's Carnival of Skirts Sew-a-long.  You can check me and all the other crafty ladies out there to see what we are up to for the next two weeks.  Let me tell you, the list of ladies is impressive.

 My first skirt is going to be. McCall 6402, View B, the color block version.  For the life of me, I can't understand why this skirt is now an OOP since it only came out in the last year, but go figure.
One of the places I visited on vacation was Savannah, GA and while there I got a chance to visit two fabric spots, Fabrika and Hancocks.  The fabric pieces being used for this project are from these two stores. One is a tweed look and the other is a solid black with a little character. 

I purchased a fabric bundle from Fabrika and knew right away that the 2 larger pieces would be used for skirts.  Originally I had planned that the piece I would use for this skirt from the fabric bundle would be the main center pieces on the skirt, but I washed the piece last weekend and realized after washing it that  1) it has wool in it. I'm allergic, I'm hoping the lining will take care of that problem and still allow me to wear it because I really like this fabric. 2) the fabric fluffed up after washing so there is a little less of it now, but I was able to fit the side pieces on there with no problem which might in my case be better with the whole wool thing. We'll see.  Anyway, I'm still deciding on my second skirt.  I'm leaning towards Burda Style 08/2012 # 112, but I'm not sure yet. 

 I haven't traced it out yet and don't have fabric picked out.  One of my other choices might be Vogue 8837. Katherine Tilton skirt.  

It's a great use of double knit, and I could use a few longer skirts for the winter months.  Well that's all for now, I gotta go work on my skirt.


Adelaide B said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to see how these projects turn out.

Candice said...

Welcome back! I'm still trying to match fabric with a patter for the sew-along..

Myra said...

Hey there welcome back! Looks like you have some nice pieces selected, can't wait to see them completed. Good luck with the skirt challenge!

Tanya said...

Welcome back, glad you're part of the Carnival of skirts, you have some good picks.

Anonymous said...

Of course we're still here. Love and miss you as ever! Hope to see your face soon. Glad you're finding time with the stress to sew and knit. xoxo


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