Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you ever feel like you're doing a lot but not accomplishing anything? Well, that's how I was feeling last night. I have at least 4 projects on needles and I'm not finishing anything and I'm also getting bored ( I think that's why I barely knit anything last week). So, what's a girl to do? Start another project that you know you can finish quickly. This is Number 17 from Katia #51. The yarn is Nepal: 72% acrylic and 27% wool. Each piece of the garment is knit with a different colorway of yarn.I started knitting the back this morning on the way to work. I'm already done one ball, and a little over half of the back is done. Now, that's what I call progress. It's mindless knitting, and I can watch television doing it. I'm also happy because I'm getting a jump on my fall wardrobe. This should look good with pants and long skirts. These are the other two colorways that I will be using to complete the vest. I'm hoping it turns out okay with the colors I picked.

I am up to casting on for the left sleeve on the baby jacket.
In sewing news, I'm picking out my next projects. As I said yesterday, I'm planning on making this, Butterick B4188, View A. I think it can stand alone with a tank top underneath and hopefully can transition into the fall with a long sleeve fitted tee. What do you think?
I also want to make a skirt as this will give me practice working with my new zipper foot. This pattern is New Look 6433. I'm going to use this tan cotton quilting fabric as a lining. I 'm hoping it will give a nice color contrast to the chocolate. I need a little help on this one. Here is pattern 6348. Which fabric to you like better?

If I use the red fabric, I can make a cocktail version of this dress with this fabric.Well, I'm getting ready to go and make a meditation blanket and pillow tonight if I'm not too tired. Tomorrow, I have yard work to do over at my mom's and on Sunday, I have a birthday party to go to for my girlfriend's son.What do you have planned for the weekend?

Have a good one.


Sheila said...

This weekend its Girls-day out-on-the-town for food shopping. We literally shop for 6-7 hours making several stops back at the house to

The wrap is coming along nicely. Love the colorway in the baby jacket.

B4188 is a cute asian inspired top and a tank will definitely do. The fabrics for NL6433 will work. You've reminded me that I have some eyelet and tan lining fabric.

I'm looking forward to your NL6348 dress and like the 2nd option better.

Nik said...

I like the red fabric for 6348.

Amanda said...

It seems I am not getting anything finished knittingwise as well (sigh). You seem to find the cutest sewing patterns. I adore the asian inspired top and the skirt (view C). I think the red fabric for the dress would look great on you!

This weekend: making more jelly, dinner with the inlaws,knitting and spinning for today. cookout/pool party with my family tomorrow. fun,fun,fun!

Adrienne said...

Ohhhh I like the black and red fabric. That is gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Another vote for the black and red!

Anonymous said...

You've got really good taste.


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