Monday, August 25, 2008

So, how was your weekend?

Friday night I went to Joann Fabrics and got stupid. I've decided that I want to try and make my fall wardrobe. There was a sale on Butterick patterns, so let's just say I went to town. This is what I bought:
I plan on making this the way it is, and also altering it to make it longer so I can wear it as a dress. I like View A and C.
I love the dress on this pattern.

I love both style of this dress pattern. I'm thinking of doing View B first.

I saw this pattern earlier in the summer and even had it in my hand at one point. When I saw Sheila's version, I knew then I had to have it.

I also like the views on all 3 of these dresses but will probably make B and C. I love the sleeves on View C.

I also purchased these 2 New Look patterns.

Robin made this and I thought that it was really pretty, and would look good on me. I want to make View A and C. View A is the one in Blue that the model is wearing and C is the Cream color wrap version.

I really like the black dress but I want to add a few inches to it I think and add the sleeves on like the shirt version.

Joann's also had 30% off on suiting material, so I bought fabric for these 2 patterns, Butterick B5104 (View A & E), Simplicity 4097 (The dress) and the New Look 6648, the pattern shown above. I also bought lining for Butterick 4188 but might wait now till next spring to make it since cooler weather should be on it's way. As you can guess, I'm in fall mode.

Saturday was errand and hangout day with Mom. We left the house at 10am and got back by 2pm. I then did yard work. PSE&G(electric and gas company) had guys out a few months ago trimming the trees back so they wouldn't get into the electrical lines, but I don't think they did a good job. I had a lot of trimming to do and there's branches that were either too thick or I couldn't reach, so I told my mother to call them again.

I finally got home after food shopping around 9:45pm. I was beat. I wanted to soak my feet, but I just didn't have the energy, so I did 2 loads of laundry and went to bed.

Yesterday I did more laundry(I swear I think it never ends. There's always dirty clothes). I also washed fabric and cut out view A for New Look #6648. From there I sorted through my patterns, put them in a container and then put the rest of the fabric I had in bags in another empty container I had. Around midday I took a nap, but not before I got a few pages of New Moon in. I then got up and made 2 dinners. One for last night and one for tonight.

To finish out my night, I played beauty salon. I gave myself a pedicure and got to use my new ped egg. If you don't have one, you should buy one. That thing is awesome, I also washed my hair and sat under my dryer, which by the way gave me a chance to do some knitting.

I'm happy to say that I bound off the sleeves for the minimalist cardigan today at lunch. I have a lot of blocking and finishing to do. I might try to do that first thing tonight so I can finally put these garments together. I also plan to iron the pattern and the fabrics that need ironing. Layout and cut my fabric. If there's time, I'll start sewing. I'm hoping to have pictures up sometime this week. My lovely husband borrowed my cable, so I can't download pictures on to my computer. Right now it's sitting in one of his buddy trucks.

Gotta get going, but I hope you all have a great day/week!!


Lisa said...

Wow, I'm exhausted...all I did was sit in Rittenhouse Sq, knitting and reading Twighlight (enabler). I am hoping to get back to my skirt this weekend. Really it should take me no time at all.

Robin said...

I need to come up for air after reading about your weekend! I don't know where you have the time to sew all these tops/dresses, knit, design patterns, etc.

Sheila said...

Your weekend was definitely busy. I like your fall line up. After making B4985 I've been on a blouse

The ped egg is like magic. I just came from Walmart getting nail polish, so this weekend I will be doing my pedicure.

It seems I can never catch the butterick sales.... uggh.

Anonymous said...

crazy....crazy. cute top though. i think i'm gonna stick to the buy for one or two projects at a time principle. i can't do it in knitting, but i can at least try before i go having a huge fabric stash and i can't sew it up fast enough.

and don't let me find out that you got happy with the eggy thing & shaved off all the skin on your feet!

Adrienne said...

And I thought I was busy! LOL Love what you have planned!

Susan said...

I haven't used the Butterick patterns yet, but will have to do a run as well. They look slamming! Can't wait to see the Minimalist Fo, too.

Robin said...

Love the new patterns! I think you will like NL 6648. It's very "immediate gratification"!


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