Friday, November 07, 2008


Kate you are a genius and this pattern is a work of art!! I love my Selbu Modern which I finished yesterday. Mr. D isn't crazy about my color choice, and said I should give the hat away. I told him he didn't know what he was talking about, and that he needed to get some color sense.

I have to teach a sock class that starts next weekend, so I'm in the middle of drafting a pattern for the class. This sock has been annoying because of the yarn I'm using. The sock yarn I'm using is Online Supersocke Cotton. It's 45% Cotton, 45% Wool and 15% Polyester. I had to cast-on for this thing 2 times and switch needles sizes once because the yarn is very stretchy. I think I have it now though, and it looks pretty good. I figure I'm going to have to have two different cast-on numbers depending on the yarn choices in the class. I already know that one of my students isn't using this yarn, so I'm going to swatch for her yarn by the end of the weekend. So basically I'll have 2 different patterns within a pattern(that's confusing. It will be the same pattern, the numbers will just be different.)
I started the hexagon blanket last weekend. I first saw this blanket on ravelry and thought it was gorgeous. It's also a great way to use up left over yarn. I'm in no rush with this project. I figure if I get one hexagon done a night or during the week, I'm good. It's a nice easy way to get my crochet on, and keep my skills/speed up. Since I can't get a hold of the actual pattern, I've been winging it. There are a few tutorials and a flickr group online that are pretty good.

So what are you doing this weekend? I hope it's fun!!! Have a great one!!


Sheila said...

Selbu looks great on you and hoping that I can attend your sock class next weekend.

This weekend I would like to get some real sewing done and finish a knit project as well as a crochet blanket.

Lisa said...

Your Selbu reminds me of a chocolate pettifore! Scrumptious!


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