Friday, June 05, 2009

Lost In Lace!!

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the lovely anniversary and birthday wishes. You are all wonderful.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm really glad the weekend is here. I am truly exhausted. I have a graduation to go to tonight, and all I want to do is see my bed and dive into it. Well, I guess it's a dream right now which will come true a little later tonight.

In knitting news, Mr. D's second sock is halfway finished. I've been slacking on the knitting projects lately. I it's due in part to me being caught up in my lace frenzy. Crazy me said "why start with the easy stuff and design a rectangular shaped shawl first. No, I want to do a triangular shaped shawl first. Well, let me tell you, I've got the whole increase thing pretty much worked out, but working out the pattern has driven me a little crazy. Just when I think I have it worked out, I hit another snag. The repeat rows are throwing me a little, so I'm 3 steps forward, one step back. If anyone has any suggestions, please fire away. Right now the rectangular shawl is looking really good for my instant gratification fix.

I've also been a little slow on the sewing front as well. I think I'm waiting for my serger which is scheduled to arrive early this coming week. I can't wait. I'm hoping that some major sewing will be taking place next weekend.

My shoulder has been aching me really bad for a couple of months and now the pain is going into my neck. I had a massage back in April, and I think/know I'm due for another one now. A friend of mine mentioned that I should try some Tiger Balm, and maybe it would help. Has anyone ever used it? I hear it's suppose to be good. If you have any other suggestions, I am all for it.

To finish out this post today I want to talk about a new documentary that is at select theaters right now. I saw it Tuesday night. It's called Every Little Step. It the making of the revival of A Chorus Line. If you like/love musicals, you'll love this documentary. I know I did. I thought it was fantastic how the documentary incorporated footage and interviews from original cast members and ended with new cast members. You got a real sense of what really goes into making a musical from the idea and concept, the audition process and finally the end result. A definite Thumbs Up from me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Susan said...

Sorry to hear about the pain you've been having. I think we could all use regular massages with all the extra stress going on lately.

Glad you enjoyed your movie. Enjoy the graduation and getting to res!

Mariss said...

Hope you get to rest soon, after the graduation. Is the pain in your right arm? Maybe it's from putting your hand out while sewing or knitting? I hope it feels better.

I can't wait till you get that serger either! EEEEEKKK!

marit said...

Designing lace??? You're braver than me...I love to knit lace, but there is just too much math involved in designing the pretty thing! (I can testknit though, if you need someone!)

I hope you get a great weekend- get a good massage and relax:-)

Robin said...

Ugh. Shoulder and neck pain. I've had a lot of that lately from stress. I've tried tiger balm in the past, but be warned, it is very smelly. It will seep into your clothes. At my last massage, they used a new lotion that was similar to tiger balm. I'll try to remember to ask about when I'm at the gym on Monday.

Sheila said...

You will get that lace pattern down... for sure... you know the drill - keep at it.

In the past I have use icy hot for back and neck pain and it has helped.

I hope you are resting.

Judy said...

Hi, thanks for the kind comment on the baby sweater. I have used Tiger Balm to rub on my temples whenever I have a headache. It's mentholated salve that gives a burning/heated feel to any area. It might help with your neck and shoulder. Beware: it really smells like menthol and the smell lasts and lasts.......hope you feel better.


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