Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthdays, sewing, lace, and more lace!!!!

Yesterday I celebrated by birthday by relaxing and sewing. I'd show you my presents, but they haven't arrived yet. Mr. D was a little disappointed, but I told him it was fine. He bought me a Dell mini laptop computer. I'm still a little unsure about it, because it so small. I'm guessing I'm just use to the regular size laptop. I am siked about having a new toy to play with though. My other new present is the Singer 14CG754 Pro Finish Serger. That present is from my mother and myself. She doesn't know yet, and she usually gives me money for my birthday. I ordered it Friday night from Sew and Vac Direct.

I also purchased a 36 x56 cutting pad from JoAnn's. I've found that I like using my rotary cutter instead of my ginghers or fiskars scissors. I get a much more cleaner edge.

I worked on my NL 6433 skirt yesterday, and it's coming along nicely. I just have to hem it and decorate it now with the ric rac. So far the only adjustments I made were to the waistband. Per the directions I did a lap zipper. When I cut out the waistband, I cut it a little longer and wider. From past experience, I learned to do that because the waistbands are sometimes a little short for me. In doing this, I'm able to adjust it so that it turns out perfect for my waist.

In knitting news, I started a lace study. I've been reading Eunny Jang's Majoring in Lace. Today I read the article "A Primer on Knitted Lace" by Jackie Erickson-Scweitzer. The article can be found in Interweave Knits Summer 2006. I followed it up by reading "Lace, Shaping Your Garment" by Eunny Jang. That article is in Interweave Knits Fall 2006. I think I'm ready to go, but it's all still a little confusing. I guess I can figure the rest of it out as I go along. I'm getting ready to start charting a pattern out next on graph paper. I'll then start swatching.


Sheila said...

Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the serger club and once you get the hang of it - will wonder how did you do without

Looking forward to progress pics on the lace project.

Lisa said...

Yay! Serge on my friend!!!

Happy Birthday! Did you like your serenade?

Mariss said...

Happy birthday, dearest! It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday. You totally scored with the presents too. I'm glad you treated yourself to that Serger. You'll get a TON of use out of it. Happy birthday!!

Susan said...

I cut like crap - the only way to go (for me) is with a rotary cutter. I got that mat from Joann's a while back and have been happy ever sense.

Adrienne said...

Happy birthday!!!

I LOVE my rotary cutter!!!! I hardly EVER use scissors!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Where are you in PA? Don't make me ride the Harley over there and find you! I had a Honda for a lot of years but decided I owed myself the Harley. I don't regret it one bit.

I just got a rotary mat about a week ago. I wanted it so that I could cover my table and still have the grid lines. I'm not real comfortable cutting with the rotary cutter other than for quilting. Guess I'll have to try to get comfortable. I'm working on a slacks muslin now. Once I get them where I want maybe I'll try cutting the actual slacks with the rotary cutter.


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