Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stenciling is My New Thing!!

Okay, I know I'm suppose to be sewing, and yes my fabric did arrive from minus the Navy Boucle fabric and the Steel Chiffon(You know I wasn't happy about that). They were sold out of the boucle and sent the wrong item for the chiffon. Oh, well, what's a girl to do? I order the cotton faille in dark navy blue and a couple of other pieces of which I then receive an email today, and they tell me that the designer woven jacquard circles in green is also now not available. I am not even going to touch this subject right now. Especially since they are now not allowing you to make substitutions. You have to place a new order.

I cut the pattern pieces out to do the muslin of my skirt, but I haven't worked on it.

Today's another day and hopefully I'll feel motivated to do something tonight.

Now, I wasn't all that lazy last night. Recently I've been interested in trying my hand at fabric painting. I purchased some fabric paint cans to try spray painting, I have some puff paint to do the 3-D stuff, and I also picked up some regular old fashion fabric paint. I decided to try that first. Since I didn't know what I was doing, I purchased a cheap long sleeve t-shirt, a couple of stencils, and I had a few stamps on hand and this is what I came up with. Except for a couple of very light smudges, it didn't turned out too bad. I think there will be more painting in my future, plus I want to make my own stencils. My husband saw this, and he already told me he's got plans for me and a few of his shirts.

Have any of you tried something new, and/or want to try something new in the crafting department? Let me hear it?


Anonymous said...

I love what you did with that shirt!

Over here, I've been getting more into cardmaking and crochet. I really like being multi-crafty.

Tanya said...

Don't apologize that's the beauty of having more than one craft you just have to go where the mojo takes you. Love the fabric paint it looks very professional. I'm seriously trying to resist any new hobbies, knitting is pretty much taking over my life but I do want to try embroidery, I need to learn to spell it first every time I type it I have to do spell check to get it right lol.

Adrienne said...

Love the stenciling!!

You know I have a lot of crafty hobbies lol.

Eliana said...

Gorgeous stencil! Lovely work that you made! Looks like a drawing oriental.

Clio said...

OH! It looks great! I've been giving serious thought to fabric painting as well. I don't really like patterned fabrics, and so it is a great way to make a solid top more unique. What kind of paint did you use and where did you get your stencils?

Susan said...

I think it turned out really well. Now you're adding shirt-painting to your repertoire. Does the talent ever end! lol

Angela said...

Sorry about your order. I love the stenciling! I also want to try embroidery (hand and machine) and possibly silk screening... one of these days I'll get to it again. I've recently started getting back into digital graphics and fine arts... I want to try to do more of this with mixed media or learn to paint. :)

Sheila said...

Love the Painted Tee... looking forward to more of your Painted garments.

As for me you already know I've been dabbling in soap, candle and cardmaking.


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