Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Highlights!!

I did not get much done in the line of sewing or knitting this past weekend. I did work a little on my new sewing space compliments of my husband. Once it's finished, I'll take pictures. We are sharing the spare bedroom in our house or more like I'm sharing a room with his containers and my sewing and crafting containers.

Saturday was errand and washing day. Saturday night I went to a fundraiser. A good time was had by all. I made the cable hat in black for a friend, but stupid me forgot to take a picture. Fortunately, I'm making the same hat for Mr. D in some Noro yarn, so I'll have pics in the future.

Another friend of mine has asked me to knit slipper booties for his wife. He's given me the pair she has now so I'm reworking a pattern from them. I'm hoping they turn out as I am in the dark right now.

Although I got no sewing done, yesterday I did take a little drive. I needed my phone re-wrapped against scratching so I took a trip to the King of Prussia Mall for that. Since I was in the area, I drove to Norristown in search of Jomars. I usually go to the one off of Delaware Ave. in South Philadelphia area. I had heard that the Norristown store had awesome designer fabric. I am trying to find a stretch plaid for the Burda jacket. I didn't find any, but I did stock up on buttons. You would have too if you were told it was $2 a cup. I got 116 of them. I also found 6 1/2 inch wide stretch lace at $1.09 per yard minus 20%. In the end, I walked out $20 lighter. I wasn't upset with myself as I'm trying to keep to my fabric diet. I'm trying to work from stash first, and then if I can't find anything, I'll then go on a hunt at the fabric stores. Now I can work up my underwear patterns with the right fabric/lace. I see some dying in my future as I want different colors other than white.

I have to Thank Carolyn for blogging about this book.

I purchased it on Friday night and I was not disappointed. The clothing designs are FABULOUS and Mrs. O's style is impeccable. If you haven't seen this book, check it out.

On a last note, here is my current inspiration. Thanks for the link Rachel.


Eliana said...

Oh! Gorgeous lace!!! Do you have plans for it? Lov your inspirations too!!!

Eugenia said...

Love your button and lace finds! I also got the Mrs O book, on Carolyn's recommendation, and I LOVE it.


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