Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's a new day, and a new dawn, and a new year!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! It is now 2008. A new year to try something new. As I sit here reflecting on 2007, I think I did pretty well on trying new things. I made homemade gifts again, which is something I started to do December 2006. The gifts were well received. 11 Lestats, 1 Baby Eleanor, and 1 Elmer, and 1 Alma.

I started sewing more. I made 1 pair of pants, 1 dress, 1 top, and 3 pairs of pajama pants. I've listed everything on the side bar except the pajama pants. I hope to have a picture of them soon.

The fi and I learned to ski. We learned to try and take more time for ourselves by starting date night. We've learned that it's a must. If you don't do this already, you have to try it. It does wonders for a relationship.

I joined a few knit-a-longs, and did my first secret pal. I knitted more, used some of my stash, got my first pattern published and started crocheting again. I also met new friends via blogging.
Now, I really haven't set forth any new goals for 2008 yet, but as I sit here a few do come to mind.

1. Get hitched on Memorial Day weekend to a wonderful man whom I love and adore.
2. Knit, Crochet and Sew more.
3. Hang out more with my Girlfriends and my mother.
4. Find time to read more. (This one's hard as I knit in my spare time.)
5. Stay true and in tune to myself and the fi.
6. Continue date night with the fi, even after the wedding.
7. Set up a date night with my mother after the wedding, so she doesn't feel left out of my life.
8. Save more money.
9. Blog more.
10. Get more organized and neat.
11. Curse less.
12. Try to be less stressed out.
13. Workout more.
14. Have fun.
15. Design and publish more patterns

I haven't introduced you to the newest addition to the family yet. Meet Lola!

I received her for Christmas from the fi. Gotta love him. He knows me so well, and likes my craftyness.

I also started my new year off at a nice pace. I relaxed a little, watched movies, started my wedding garter.

I'm using a pattern I found on ravelry. It's by Diane Willet, and can be found here. I joined the Spring Shawl Surprise. I'm knitting it for my godmother. I hope to get that done by the wedding. It's my gift to her. I finished my 2nd bridesmaid shawl. In the middle of binding off, I ran out of yarn which I ordered on Saturday. I also sewed myself a handbag(without a pattern) to carry my knitting in.

I learned how to install snaps for the first time. I broke the first snap, but figured out what I did wrong, and corrected the problem. It was fun.

Before I sign-off for today, I want to thank you all so very much for all your advice and feedback this past year. It's made my blogging experience worthwhile and fun. I can't wait to see what 2008 has in-store for us all. Happy Blogging!!


Jada said...

A lot of your goals are things I need to do also.My dh bought me the same dress form I was so over joyed to get that'
I am loving that bag you made to put your knitting in.
Hope your New Year is going great!

Mariss said...

What a nice post! Your love for your fi, mom, family and friends really shows though.

Great resolutions! I think 2008 is going to be a great year for you :)

I'm going to ask Mike to take me on a date soon right now. Thanks for the advice ;)

Robin said...

Love the new addition to the family!! Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Happy New Year!!!

Love, love , love Elmer...hehehe. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive list of resolutions. I think I will borrow some for myself:)

Sheila said...

Great resolutions, some of them I have on my mental Hi Lola, you are going to love her its the perfect match for sewing. Totally feelin' that bag and great color. I agree you did a lot in 2007 and looking forward to more of your creations.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, keep a date night--you're right, it's so important! I hope you all have a fabulous wedding. Congrats!

Those are some nice goals. I hope you meet each & every one.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. 11 Lestats! Wow, I love that pattern.....great job on gift giving.


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