Sunday, January 27, 2008

WIP Sunday!!

Even though I might not have left a message, due to sickness, computer issues, and time constraints, I have been trying to keep up with my blog reading. I know we all love our mindless knitting projects. You know the ones that take no effort and you can actually sit in front of the television and knit without looking. Well, I have noticed another trend too. I am seeing it in the magazines and on some of your blogs. Texture knits, cables, more intricate ribbed patterns and so forth. If you look in the latest issue of Vogue, you will see all of that and even quite an array of lace patterns. I think that we are all striving to better ourselves a little bit and quench our thirst for trying new things, whether it be a new craft or technique/skill. In my search, I started this:That's right, I started a new design this week. It's something that I've had on my mind for a while now, and I had bought the yarn for it some time back. I'm hoping I have enough because I haven't checked to see if the yarn is discontinued. The yarn I'm using is Classic Elite Premiere. The color is Tidal Wave #5226 (by the way, scratch what I said about the discontinued part. I just checked their website and it's listed, so there's hope if I need more.) Let me tell you, cables take a lot of yarn, and I don't know if anyone has had this problem, but as I did my swatch this week, I had a heck of a time figuring out how many stitches I was getting to the inch. I've become a BIG fan of 4 x 4 swatches, especially after this.

In other knitting news, I've been working on my other projects, and they are all coming along. Here is the Pi-shawl that I've been working on.I don't have a picture of the wedding garter as I'm not that much further, but I can tell you that I'm on the 15th repeat, and I have to do the pattern 21 times.

I finally measured what I have done on the sleeves for the shawl collar sweater for my mother. I measured it against her and one of the sweaters that she wears regularly, and it looks like I am up to the sleeve cap part. I hope to have pictures of that later this week.

Here is what I have done so far on the sleeves for the Gedifra sweater that I'm working on for myself.
I want to thanks Amanda for the Noro comment. I hadn't thought of that. I think I saw a couple hanks of Noro Silver Thaw that I like, hmmmmmmm.

In sewing news, I hit a major 50% off sale yesterday at Fabric Warehouse. For around $35 you too can have this:

The red and green material and the red and black material I'm thinking of using for dresses. The brown and teal I think I might use for a top.

The red with white flowers is for a skirt, and the blue material is for a pair of pants.

The material below is all for shirting. The red and white material and the flowers on cream are actually suppose to be curtain material but I want to try it as shirting material.

This last piece of fabric I got at Joann's.

The fi and I went to Borders last night and we did some browsing. I did a major look through of 2 books. The first one is Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. If you are new to sewing or just want a brush up. This book looks very good. What I like most about it are the step by step photograph pictures of the various techniques covered in the book. The patterns are classic and can be used again and again.

The second book is the New Complete Guide to Sewing put out by Reader's Digest. Anything that you want to know is in this book. There are tons of pictures and diagrams on just about every technique there is. I have put both of these books on my list as a must have.


Sheila said...

Hoping you're feeling much better. There's something about textured knits and think thats primarily why I had to Your new design is looking fabulous and the cables reflect the name of the yarn.. can't wait to see it. Ok, you got a fantastic deal on all that fabric and great color selections.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Those lovely blue cables should help make you feel better. I am looking forward to seeing it completed!

Robin said...

Absolutely LOVE the Tidal Wave design. I have a (purchased) sweater in a similar look except with lace incorporated into it, and I always say I want to design something with that stitch pattern.

The Reader's Digest book is a super helpful resource - I have it and love it!

Amanda said...

Glad to be of some help!

I can't wait to see your new design! perhaps I should get off my hump and join you in designing a little somethin'(you are so motivating!)

Love all your fabrics -especially the teal!

Amanda said...

pssst... You make my day!


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