Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Over the River and Through The Woods

Last week I was surfing Ravelry for a pattern I could use. My BFF who is very dear to me asked me to make her a scarf for Christmas, and of course I said yes. She picked out her yarn, which by the way is Noro Silk Garden. I promised her I'd try to have it by Christmas, or shortly there after. She told me she didn't care as long as she got it. Anyway, in my search I found the Thrifty Knitter's Woodland Shawl Pattern. I'm follow the chart to do the pattern because it's easier for me but the instructions are written out for the pattern as well. I was not sure how I'd like this pattern but I don't like it, I love it and the way the colors are displayed in the Noro yarn. Here is what I have so far.

I'll try to put up a better picture later. I'm not crazy about this one, but it's the only one I have right now.

In other updates, I showed my McCall jacket to my mother the sewer last night. She was very proud of me. I explained to her that I was crazy about the collar and how it was fitting. I had basted on the collar and it wasn't fitting the way I wanted it to but I think it's the pattern. She told me it was fine and that I should just go ahead and stitch it the way it is, so I'll try and finish it by the weekend. I still have to finish sewing her pants before next week, so let's just say, I got lots of work to do.

In knitting news, I made a pair of leg warmers, my own design, for a work mate. I love the way they turned out. I think I posted a picture when I first started them. Well, I kept notes on what I did, so there will be a future pattern on this soon. I also finished putting my mother's sweater together except for the collar which I casted on for a few days ago. I only have 3 1/2 inches left to knit and that will be done, so stay turned for some pictures.


Susan said...

You are really on a roll. I've always wanted to make leg warmers but didn't want to take the time. lol.


Sheila said...

The scarf is looking good and the colorway is beautiful.

Mariss said...

The legwarmers are so cute! Good luck on the collar, I hope it works out for you. Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

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