Sunday, December 21, 2008

SP13 Question #2

Part A: Are you doing any holiday knitting?


Part B: Have you finished?

I've finished most of my pieces, but I still have 3 pieces left. One of the pieces I finished was already delivered and was greatly received. Here's a picture of my boss with her much loved Bobble Tam.

I'm still working on my mom's shawl collar pullover. The actual sweater is done. I've been working on the collar this weekend. I plan to finish it today.
Anyway, I'd love to talk more but, I gotta go knit.


Mariss said...

I just love that bobble tam! I cannot wait to knit it someday soon. Yours is great, that was so nice to make it for your boss!

Good luck getting it all done, I should be working on Mike's Mom's scarf right now!

Anonymous said...

I love the hat, I mean really! Love the colour, it's great!

Susan said...

The tam came out great and seems to suit your boss just right! Your Mom's shawl is coming along nicely and a great color pick.

Sheila said...

The Bobble Tam looks great on her and you chose the perfect color for her.

Anonymous said...

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