Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 FOs & 2009 Goals

A year of creativity, and what a year it was. 1. handbag 2. wedding garter 3. (110 were made) hand sewn ribbon flowers 4. crochet felted clutch 5. (2) shawls/neck wraps 6. manicure socks for knitpicks 7. knit pouches (5 were made) 8. Wedding handbag 9. Lap Blanket and pillow 10. Victoria 11. Minimalist Cardi 12. New Look 6648 13& 14. (2) Half-pi shawls 15. Baby jacket w/moss stitch edging 16. Selbu Modern 17. Puffs Slouchy Hat 18. Socks on 2 Circulars 19. Nepal Vest 20. Butterick 5529 21. Cobblestone 22. She's Got Legs 23. Vogue 8138. 24. Shawl Collar Pullover 25. Bobble Tam

Not pictured are: Flower Basket Shawl, 12 knit flowers, (4) pairs of Butterick 4604 (pants only), crochet shawl, and secret project right now for knit picks (2 of them are done)

Grand total: 160 items

I sat here this morning reviewing my goals for 2008. I wanted to see which ones I actually accomplished. To my surprise, I didn't do too bad.

1. Get hitched on Memorial Day weekend to a wonderful man whom I love and adore.

My biggest FO which was #1 on the list. I have to admit that I'm loving every minute of it!!

2. Knit, Crochet and Sew more.

Of my FOs for 2008, I did 32 knit items, 3 crochet items, 15 sew items and 110 ribbon flowers which I sewed by hand.

3. Hang out more with my Girlfriends and my mother.

I still do this.

4. Find time to read more. (This one's hard as I knit in my spare time.)

Finding time to read more is still hard, but not as hard as it use to be. I'm into audio books now and I love them. It took a little getting use to, but it works well with the crafting.

5. Stay true and in tune to myself and the fi.

One of the things I love most about Mr. D is that he doesn't want to change me, and I don't want to change him either. Communication is a big part of one's relationship. We both try to encourage each other to do things not only together but also apart. Our relationship grows from it, and I learn more and more from him everyday.

6. Continue date night with the fi, even after the wedding.

We still go on date night. Most of the time it's to eat sushi. But sometimes it's just going to the bookstore or sitting down and watching a movie together. It's great.

7. Set up a date night with my mother after the wedding, so she doesn't feel left out of my life.

I see my mother at least once a week, sometime even 2 times.

8. Save more money.

I'm working on it.

9. Blog more.

I'm working on it. 2008 I posted 40 times, in 2007 I posted 33 times.

10. Get more organized and neat.

I'm working on this too.

11. Curse less.

I'm doing a lot better in this department.

12. Try to be less stressed out.

This has been a very big accomplishment, especially since the wedding. Every November since my mother's incident 3 years ago, I've broken out with eczema. This was the first year, my fingers are still crossed that I didn't get it.

13. Workout more.

I've fallen down on this one. I start then stop, then start and stop again. I'm hoping 2009 is better.

14. Have fun.

I have no trouble doing this.

15. Design and publish more patterns

I didn't do as well as I'd hoped on this one but I did do one new pattern.

I'm very curious to see what 2009 has in store, but in the meantime, I'm going to get started on some of the goals I have planned for myself.

1. Organize and catalog my knitting stash.

2. Organize and catalog my sewing stash.

3. Design more with a structured purpose. I want to see if I can come up with a collection and in a timely manner according to the seasons. I want to design something every month or every other month, experiment with yarn more.

4. Sew more. Challenge myself by making a whole wardrobe. Learn new techniques. I don't want to be afraid of trying something new. I want to try a BWOF pattern. I only have like 4 of the magazines.

5. Educate myself more in knitting and sewing. Go on design excursions, maybe take a class in sewing. Visit NY. Read more again.

6. Workout. Drop 1 more dress size.

7. Start spinning again.

8. Cook more. Have fun in the kitchen.

I want to thank all of you so very much for your wonderful support and the awesome feedback that you've given me over this past year. You all make blogging worthwhile.


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing! What a fabulous 2008 you had. Beautiful wedding picture!

Virtuous said...

Now that is one FAB F.O. in May!! ;o)

I didn't realize it was this year! I was thinking you did it last year!

Wishing you well in all of your resolutions!

Adrienne said...

WHAT A FO!!!! LOL Happy New Year!!!!

Sheila said...

That is definitely an impressive FO for 2008!

Faye Lewis said...

Love your sewing goals. Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

You were busy! 160 items, my head is spinning!

Did I miss the pattern for the knockoff purple Victoria's Secret Dress (hint hint)?

Last year was the first I did not have an eczema breakout as well, thank heavens!

Good luck in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! My word, you were busy in 2008! So many F.O. You are a machine! Love the wedding photo....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Andrea! The V.Secret dress was definitely a labor of love. And yes, my daughter loves it!

Mariss said...

What a great year you had, I'm very proud of you! I think #1 is more of a Found Object than a finished object though! Ha ha ha. xoxoxo

Robin said...

What a great post! I especially love #1. I like the sewing goals too and look forward to seeing your new wardrobe!

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