Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Beginnings

Today was definitely a date for the history books. It was a day that I never thought I'd see during my lifetime or at least, not this early, but never the less, it was a day of hope, promise and change. Today, I saw an eloquent man, husband, and father take the oath of office, and boy did he shine. These next 4 years are going to be trying for all of us, but after seeing what I saw today, the bonding of strangers, and of family and friends, I think, we're all going to be alright.

Now, enough of my blabbering. I hope all of you are alive, kicking, screaming and crafting large in 2009. Although I've been a little quiet, my hands have been busy. I crochet embroidered on She's Got Legs for my co-worker and added crocheted ties at the top so that they'd stay up with no problem. She loved them.

I finished scarf #1 a personal pattern for my other co-worker Judy. She loved it. She ran around the office all day telling everyone she had an Andrea original. I smiled. It's always so nice to know that something you put a lot of effort into is well received. She been wearing it ever since.

I'm still working on the woodland scarf. I'm on skein #4. I was thinking that I had to do maybe one more skein after this, but I might not have to. I'll see after I finish this one. I'm hoping that I'll be done by this weekend.This past weekend I picked up the burnish tunic that I started before the holidays. I finished the body and am now working on the sleeves.

In keeping with my resolutions, I started a crochet blanket on New Years night. I haven't gotten to far because I haven't worked on it in over a week, but still, it already covers my lap. I started with a granny square, and then built the blanket out from there. I also started spinning again. Sorry, I didn't take a picture. I have 1 1/2 spools done so far, so I'll be plying soon. I saw where Amanda's been dying her roving. That is something I would like to try this year as I purchased some dye and some cormo roving a year and a half ago just for that purpose. But, I'm not ready yet. Plus, I have a ton of roving here that needs to be spun up and knitted.

Back in the fall, I started a new design, but put it down once the holidays came around to get the holiday knitting done. Over the weekend, I pulled it out and reviewed my notes. Hopefully, I'll have something new to show soon. All I can tell you right now, is that I like what I'm seeing so far. I haven't forgotten the pattern for Victoria. I have to have it test knitted. I'm hoping to have the pattern out by this Spring.

As for sewing news, nothing much is going on at the House of Andrea. I'm pretty much just in the planning stages. I picked up the January issue of Burda World of Fashion. I love this issue.

December's issue was really good too. There were a few patterns to relax in for those lazy weekends. I have yet to make a pattern out of one of these magazines, but I'm trying to get up the courage. I'm thinking I might start small first. Like this vest for starters which is in the plaid section of the January issue.I have a bolt of muslin. I figure I can start there first and build from there. What are you all up to?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I sent you a package. I hope you like it!

Yer secret pal

Anonymous said...

Hi! I sent you a package. I hope you like it!

Yer secret pal

Susan said...

Great projects! I ordered my subscription for BWOF early December, but haven't received my first issue, yet. They say it can take 8 weeks. I'm really itching to start getting this great magazine.

Amanda said...

Look at you, busy as usual! It really is nice when a handmade gift is loved and adored.

Just give the dying a try! If you are worried about messing up your roving, just dye a small amount to start. I promise it is so easy (at least it is with food safe dye- I have never tried ti acid dyes).

Tanya said...

Love the knitted projects, makes me more determined to learn to knit, I just don't seem to have the coordination needed for those two needles but I'm not giving up. Good luck with your sewing projects, the vest sounds like a good start.

Tanya said...

I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. You're supposed to post the award, nominate 7 other blogs and leave a message on those blogs.

Mariss said...

That is so sweet about your co-worker. I'm sure she loved it, it's a gorgeous scarf, and they can probably see how much time you put in it.

The legwarmers are cute too :)

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