Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Sewing Update!!

I started a new sewing project last night before going to bed. I wanted a new A-line skirt. The pattern I'm using is NL6433, view E. So far this skirt is a breeze, and there are only 2 pieces to cut. The waistband and the skirt, which is cut on the fold so it's all in one piece. I purchased the fabric at Fabric Warehouse last year. The brown fabric has eyelet cut-outs all over it. This meant that I would have to have a lining with this skirt. I wanted to incorporate the lining into the whole skirt, so I cut the lining the length that the actual skirt was suppose to be, and cut the skirt part shorter. It's a little crooked in this picture but I'll correct. I'm planning on putting 2 rows of chocolate ric rac as trim on the bottom lining of the skirt. I'm hoping it's not too much. I love this dog. He is too cut. He even knows not to walk on my fabric when I'm cutting it out.

Today I purchased this.

From buzzing around online,I see that the book is very good, and from looking through it, I think I can learn a lot from it. I'll keep you posted.

I ate year old wedding cake yesterday, and it was pretty good. I guess that means I wrapped it right.


marit said...

The skirt looks really good! Love the fabrics!

Susan said...

Great job. I used that pattern to make a skirt too. It's a quick FO that is very functional, too.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I have that book and find it extremely helpful.

Sheila said...

The skirt is coming along nicely. Looking forward to a review of High Fashion Sewing book.


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