Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Monday I posted about the problem I was having with the collar on Butterick 5420. Mz. Choize over at Mocha Style left me a comment about using knit interfacing that day, and I immediately drove over to JoAnns after work and picked up some tricot knit interfacing. I re-cut the collar from spare fabric and attached it that night. I also did some tweaking to the bodice as I wasn't quite liking the fit. Yesterday morning (before work) and last night I worked on the sleeves and got them attached. The fit is so much better, but I'm still not crazy about the collar. I feel like I would get a better fit if the collar was now taken in.

(Collar not taken in)

(Collar taken in) (This is how much I pulled it in by)

I'm thinking about opening the collar up at the center back on the collar only and taking out about an inch or so and then re-connecting it back on. Or, open the collar back up and put something a little stiffer or elastic. I don't know. What do you think? Any suggestions?

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Eliana said...

You have a hard decision to make. Don't know, but if the collar taken in brings you more comfort, maybe you should go for it :)
Anyway, I think you'll find a good solution for this.
Happy sewing!


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