Monday, November 09, 2009

PR in NYC and A New Sew -A-Long

My closures arrived last Tuesday and I was able to complete my jacket by the weekend in enough time to wear it for PR Day in NYC this past Saturday, but I'll talk about that in a minute.

Can I tell you, that I love the closures. Since I never worked with leather before, I had to figure out how to work the placement. I I was afraid to use pins because I didn't want a pin mark to show after I had sewn them. In the end, I remembered that a couple of weeks ago I had purchased this temporary sewing glue stick at JoAnns. I also did use a pin but I made sure that it was in a spot that would be covered by a stitch. In the end, the wearability factor was pretty good, but I need to make a few adjustments. I want to add a snap to the inside of the jacket to help the inside front flap piece not slide. I also will prick stitch the shawl collar(Thanks Sheila) and inside facing to help it lay flat a little better. Overall, I love the cardigan/jacket and it seems argyle is the in thing right now, or one of them anyway.

On Saturday, I ventured up to Manhattan for PR Day in NYC.

I had a blast. First and foremost, I finally got the chance to meet my buddy Sheila. Can I tell you that Sheila's jacket is Badddddddddddd!!!. The pictures don't do it justice. You have to see it in person to appreciate it. She embellished the front with 4 rows of top stitch down the fronts and around the collor. VERY NICE!!!

We had to get our day started at Starbucks before stomping over to Metro Textiles for some major damage. Kashi and Petricio are wonderful. If you haven't shopped in NY and you ever get a chance to go, please stop by and visit. They are not only helpful and informative, but very nice to.

Our next stop was Mood. This place is out of this world. I don't know how the designers of Project Runway shopped there. The place is huge(2 floors), and there is so much to pick from. After Mood we stopped at Greenberg and Hammer. Sorry I don't have more pictures of that store, but I got a little busy picking out notions and tools. They had a really nice spread awaiting us when we arrive. Juice, Soda, cookies, and Mimosas. Upon leaving, they gave us lovely gift bags to take home.

From there stopped to eat at Village 38. This is when we all had a chance to sit down and talk shop, get ideas and talk about different techniques. Let me tell you, we had a really nice group of interesting men and women. Thank you Tom P. and Cindy for organizing. It was very nice, and I definitelywould go again.

After lunch, we headed over to Rosen & Chaddick. They have the most beautiful shirting fabric, but man is it expensive. At that point Sheila and I broke off from the crowd and tried to hit a yarn shop or two. It was pretty late so we only had a chance to check out Habu Textiles.

It was a lovely day, and I got the chance to hangout with some very amazing people.If you ever get the chance to go to a PR Day, or Weekend, you MUST go, if you can.

On an ending note, I joined Faye, over at Faye's Sewing Adventures in her Month of Tops Sew- a-long. I have about 8 tops picked( I originally had 11) out that I would like to make, but for right now I only want to commit to making 4 of them. I'm showing you 5 because I saw the top that Nancy K wore over the weekend, so, I've added it to my list also. It's BWOF 12-2008-113B. The fabric is a jersey knit that I picked up at Walmart. By the way, Nancy's jacket was total Bling to me. I loved it. Next up is Butterick 5420. View D.I picked out a bamboo knit fabric at JoAnn's to try this one on. This fabric is like butter.

Next is BWOF 2-2009-108. I'm using a jersey knit that I purchased at JoAnn's.

This pattern is BWOF 5-2009-103 with a jersey knit I picked up at Fabric Warehouse. And finally, Simplicity 4112, with curtain fabric I picked out at Fabric Warehouse. I doing View B.

That's it for me today. I'll be going to visit my mom tonight and then I'll head home to start cutting.


Susan said...

I am sooooo jealous! What a fabulous time. You rocked your FO, too.

Faye Lewis said...

Glad you had such a great time in NYC! I hope to meet Sheila one day myself. I'm exciting about your top choices.

Angela said...

Cute jacket! Glad you had fun!

Sheila said...

As you know it was an awesome day and enjoyed your company immensely, as well as the PR Day excursion. You have a great line up of blouse patterns. I so need to get started.

Anonymous said...

Don't you and Sheila look HAWT in your jackets! Too cute. That looks like a BUSY day (or was it the whole weekend?).

Adrienne said...

Aww glad you guys had fun! Isn't it great when you get to meet bloggers!?!?

Tanya said...

Sounds like a blast. I wanna go next time.

Robin said...

Glad you had fun! I must say, I had no clue what PR was. I thought you were going to NY for Puerto Rican Day or something like that, but then knew that wasn't it b/c of all the fabric pictures!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Your jacket is kewl! I'm jealous that you've actually gotten to meet Sheila...we keep missing each other! Glad you had a good time at PR Day.

Karen said...

Okay, you DO love argyle - and I love yours. That jacket is fabulous. Really sorry I didn't get to NY now.

Email me at karen6790 @ msn . com - if you're local, maybe we can meet up and take a run to Jomar!

Anonymous said...

Sheila's cardi *was* fierce. I could not get over that top-stitching detail. Your jacket was fabulous as well!

It was so great to meet you. I'm already looking forward to the next PR NYC meet-up. Hopefully there will be one in the spring.

Good luck with the Heffner robe. ;)

Eliana said...

Wow, you know how to have a lot of fun. It's very great to see all your enthusiasm, like the beatiful smile on your face :))

Mariss said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! You certainly deserve it. The trip looked great, and you guys accomplished a lot in a short amount of time!

How fun to meet friends in person :) xoxo

Mariss said...

P.S. The jacket looks fabulous! Great job!!!

Lisa said...

Ummmmm, so did you need to hire a porter to get all of your shopping bags home?

Clio said...

It was great to meet you on Saturday. I can't wait until next time - hopefully in the spring!


meli88a said...

Those closures are awesome and make the look for that argyle jacket, which looks fabulous on you!


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