Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Warning! Warning!

This is a long one. I've been trying to post since last week, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. I've had a pretty productive couple of weeks. The fi and I went to Hershey Park a couple of weekends ago. The place was packed. They kept closing down the rides and the wave pool. We weren't happy at all. Dorney Park was much better, plus they had a lot more water rides.

Since my last post I casted on for the Saarjte Bootees. They were my train project. You know, I only knit them on the train going to and from work. I finished them in 2 days. A bootee for each day. LOL. They are a great project if you have leftover yarn. Depending on how much you have left, you can probably knit quite a few. I barely used any yarn at all.

I also ripped out the baby blanket I started for one of my knitter friends. I was bored with the pattern so I found this doily pattern online and I'm trying it out. I like it so far and there's enough in the pattern to keep me motivated since I'm working in the round. I'll have pictures of it soon.

I casted on 2 Fridays ago for the Purl Bee Beret and finished it this past weekend. I love this beret, and the variegated pattern of the yarn. I used Trekking on size 3 needles. I'm thinking of making a scarf to match, but I'm decided, as I would have to use this yarn on the ends of whatever scarf I decide to make. I don't want it to scratch my neck, if you know what I mean.

I also got a chance to work on my shaped lace tee. The back and front are complete and I'm finishing up the sleeves. I'm just about to bind off and put the whole thing together (yeah!!!!) I want to wear it to my dad's birthday next weekend.

Has anyone started their holiday knitting yet? I picked out yarn and a pattern for my mom for Christmas. It's #23(the shawl collar pullover by Adrienne Vittadini from Vogue Winter 2004/2005. I'll have pictures soon. I'm also thinking of knitting the fi something, but I haven't decided yet.

I also need to get back to my wedding knitting. I have 1.5 shawls to make, finish my mom's and my handbags. I found a pattern on ravelry for a knitted garter belt. My mom said she'd give me the something blue(ribbon) to weave into it. I'm also thinking about knitting the fishnet knee-his from Knitting Lingerie Style, but turning them into thigh-his and putting the lace edging from the basic sock pattern on the top of the fishnet socks. I don't know. Anyway, should I make anything for the guys? I figure it's the fi's job to take care of them. While I'm on that thought, does anyone know where I can get a hand blown beer meister (I know I'm spelling it wrong)? I sang at a wedding once where the groom gave them as presents to his grooms men. They were one of a kind blown glass that look almost like a hollowed out horn. Two of the guys in our bridal party are beer drinkers, and I know they'd like it.

Before I sign-off for today, I have to give a shout out to my Secret Pal for SP11. She got in contact with me last week and seems pretty cool. I can't wait for her to spoil me. Oh, and Amanda, I didn't forget. I'm thinking of candidates.

I'm going to leave you with this link today. It's different ways to treat your hair naturally. Has anyone ever tried any of these? The fabric softener one scares me. I have done the mayonnaise on the hair and that works. I also tried the baking soda tip(mixing a little in when you shampoo your hair to get rid of any build up in your hair. It works. My hair felt lighter afterward. Even the fi made comment when he saw me. You know, "Did you do something different with your hair? It looks nice. I like it". Anyway gotta go. Have a good one!!


Robin said...

Love the booties - too cute!

a long time ago when my hair was really dry, I tried putting mayonnaise on my hair. It took me like five shampoos in a row to get it out!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Booties ARE super cute!
Have a good weekend!
Yours truly

marit said...

Cute bootees! Just wanted to tell you that I've knitted your DiamondGirl, and it looks great! More about it on my blog today, if you'd like to see it.
Have a nice weekend.

Moocow said...

Hello! I just flippin LOVE your stuff. Will be coming back regularly to cyber-stalk you!

Moocow x

Anonymous said...

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marit said...

Hi again! Just wanted to tell you that the pattern was easy to follow, exept for the fact that I didn't get the sleeves pretty with the folding on top. So I knitted and reknitted and did it one more time, and ended up making a "normal" sleevecap. It might have been the yarn, maybe it was stiffer than the original?
Have a nice weekend.Marit

Sheila said...

The booties are too cute... looking forward to seeing the baby blanket using a doily pattern. Holiday!!.. I'm scare to think that far


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