Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm Back!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I'm back, well rested, and happier than ever. I've got a lot to blog about over the next few weeks. The wedding was wonderful. The reception was great, we even had a fire(I'm refraining from telling until I get the pictures back), and the honeymoon was awesome (Thank you Robin, we are totally hooked on cruising. We didn't want to leave). I even started a new project on the last day of the cruise.

That's right, I got some knitting in!!! Over the weekend in Fort Lauderdale I even found a new knitting magazine. Which I will tell you all about hopefully tomorrow. Anyway here are 2 pictures. This is my handbag I used at the wedding.

I'm not sure if there are pictures of this or my dress that I left in. I changed around 10pm and that's when the photographer left.

Here is the dress that I designed and knitted to leave in. My husband (I love saying that!!) loved it, and said he thinks it's my best work yet.By the way, excuse the mess, I am moving in. Anyway, gotta go for now. I'll try to post tomorrow with more info. Talk to you later. Oh, and Sheila, I just saw that our birthdays are 3 days apart. Cool!!!


Lisa said...

You looked soooooo lovely going down the aisle! Can't wait to see pics of the burning bush. Hahahahaha! Will there be a video for YouTube?

Sheila said...

Congratulations Mrs.... and wishing you and hubby long & beautiful years together. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Looking forward to a long wedding post.

EmilyG said...

Yaay! Congrats! And I LOVE that dress!

Robin said...

Congratulations!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the cruise and that everything went well. I *love* the dress - GORGEOUS! The purse is beautiful too. Look forward to seeing more pics!

Amanda said...

Welcome Back! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures.

The dress is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Mon congrats!!!! Your work is top-notch. They say the first year is the most difficult, but if you can cruise together and come back in love, I say it's a solid match!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm SO glad I clicked onto your blog; congratulations!!! May the stitches of happiness you knit for yourself and your hubby be many!

That dress and bag are spectacular! How long did the dress take? Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your nuptials! Wishing you many happy years. I love the dress! You did a great job!


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