Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Playing Catch Up!!

I don't know where the time is going, but summer is finally here and it feels like it's almost over already. July will be here next week. I'm still trying to play catchup. I just finished making our thank you notes, and now have to write them up. I designed them to match our invitations. It helped me to use up the leftover pieces I had from making the invitations. I held off on starting this project in the hopes that I'd get our pictures back, and it was great planning. I'm suppose to meet with the photographer tonight. I hope we like them. I'm thinking of sticking a picture in with the thank yous.

For the last couple of days I've been resting my shoulder (I must have pulled it over the weekend) so I haven't knit anything. I started two new projects though. A friend of mine is having a baby boy in September. I started the Baby Jacket with moss stitch edging which by the way, I finished the right front and sleeve. I need to wind another hank of yarn to work on the left front. I'm using Manos Silk Blend. The other project is Baby Overalls to match the sweater. I don't have a pattern, so I'm winging it. If they turn out, I'll be very happy. so far so good, I have one pant leg done and I just cast-on for the other pant leg on Monday. I'm using Debbie Bliss cashmerino in a chocolate. I'm still in the same places with the minimalist cardigan and giselle. I want to accomplish a lot over the weekend, so I hope I feel better by then.

With not being able to knit, I've had some time to focus on other things, which is good. I started working on getting Diamond Girl up as a pdf. Hopefully, I'll have her up in a few days. I also have a new design in the works called Calypso. A few of you know about her already. I am hoping she'll be ready for test knitting soon.

I experimented on the husband last night with dinner. I made baked chicken with the Montreal Chicken spice, paprika, onions, and I added some honey that we got at a farmer's market. I wasn't sure about the honey, but it turned out really good. I served it with mixed veggies, Cellentani Noodles with a tomato alfredo sauce. He said he really liked it.

I'm just realizing that my 2nd Blog Anniversary is in 2 days. Since I missed my first one, I thought I'd better celebrate this one. In honor of my special day, I am going to be giving some prizes away.

Here are the prizes: a mini project bag (like the one I just made) with goodies or Burda knitting magazine with yarn. If you are interested, answer these two questions. The people with the best answers will be put into a hat, and then, the husband will pick 2 names. The first name picked will get first choice and the second person will get the second prize. You have until sundown of my blog anniversary to enter.

Question #1:
What drives you to knit and or crochet? What do you get out of it?

Question #2:
If you could meet or spend time with anyone, who would it be and why?

Enjoy your day!!


marit said...

Happy blogiversary:-)
Your questions are tough ones...#1: I knit and crochet (and sew/weave/create) because I have to. I can't sit with idle hands. It makes me feel that I accomplish something, it makes me proud when I finish something beautiful, and I like to give away handmade gifts (speaking if which:My 11 yearold is sewing a bag for a friend's birthday now!)#2: I'd love to meet Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian archeologist,( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thor_Heyerdahl), because he followed a dream, and he had a vision. Sadly he has passed away now. But you'd come in a strong second:-)

Robin said...

Happy anniversary! I didn't even get a chance to say hi to you tonight before you left. Anyway, here are my answers:

1) I started knitting to keep my hands occupied and b/c it was a cheaper habit than stained glass (I have since learned I was wrong). Now I also knit b/c it's meditative and relaxing, as well as keeps my hands busy.

2) If I could meet anyone I'd like to meet my uncle who I am named after and do my marathons/rides in memory of. He was my dad's twin brother and I hear, we have similar traits. I was also born on their birthday and being the oldest and born only a year and half after he died, I like to think he's a part of me already.

Amanda said...

Happy blogiversary!
Sorry to hear about the shoulder, Hope you are feeling better soon.

as for your questions...
1. Creativity drives me to knit and crochet. I have always felt an artistic urge but I am not a good artist or painter- I thought all was lost until I learned to knit. I get to satisfy my creative urge and I also get to do something that is just for me. Being a stay-at-home and also homeschooling, it is nice to have a little something to 'define' myself other than just Mom and wife. After a long frustrating day the stress just melts away when I pick up the needles.

2. If I could spend time with anyone it would be my late great grandmother (My Mother's Mother's Mother). She was a crafty lady and raised her kids as a single parent after her husband left them. I did get to spend time with her as a child, but I would love to be able to sit and knit with her as a grown woman- to be able to hear stories of her youth, to learn to sew from her, to have her know I take after her crazy crafty ways.

Sheila said...

Hoping your shoulder is feeling better... and Happy Blogiversary.

I need to start looking for baby patterns my niece is expecting in October.

Dinner sound delicious you were playing a Sous Chef ...lol.

Ok what drives me to knit/crochet/sew is mainly that I've always been crafty, even as a child and it continued on and branched out to other things, but primarily its the love creativity.

If I could spend time with anyone it would have to be my maternal grandmother whom I never got to meet, she passed away when my mom was young.


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