Monday, March 08, 2010

I could walk a mile in these babies!!!

I finished the slippers I've been working on for my friend Saturday morning. I think I might have to make a pair for myself as they are so comfortable. I tried a new trick on them. I put puff paint on the bottom of the slippers in the hopes that it will act as a non-sliding agent. Soon enough I should find out if it works or not. Either way, it looks cute on the bottom.

Saturday afternoon, my wonderful husband and I hung out at the gym and we finished our workout with a swim. He's got me doing laps. Let me tell you right off, I am not a lap swimming girl. It's really hard. I swim really well, but my breathing technique is for the birds. Hopefully by the summer he'll have me going the distance since he swims like a fish.

Yesterday I started making headbands. I finished these 2 so far.This morning my neighbor let me borrow her daughter for these pictures. I owe her a yellow one to go with her Easter dress. Isn't she cute!

Now I really need to buckle down and get some major sewing done. There's a dress and jacket that needs to be seriously worked on.

Eliana I have forgotten about the award. And I just found out I won my first giveaway. Yippee!!


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

The handbands and the neighbor's kid are too cute

Eliana said...

As always, your support and friendship are appreciated deeply! So, you deserve this award Andrea :)

This little girl is so adorable! I think that she loved it pretty much.

Angela said...

Cute slippers and headband! Hehe... congrats on the win again! :)

Sheila said...

You did a good job on the slippers and the h-band looks great.

Tanya said...

Love the headbands, I use to love making coordinating accessories for my DD, she matched from head to toe, your model is too cute. I use the puff paint on my crocheted slippers, it works great, I've also used the glow in the dark paint, makes it easy to find them in the dark.

kaetrn said...

i love the slippers!!! awesome job! i am not a lap swimmer either...i cannot get the breathing right, so i poop out really quick...keep at it though!!!


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