Thursday, March 25, 2010

Improvised Vera Wang Skirt

Do you ever start working on a pattern, cut it out, and then just not feel like finishing it? Well, I'm there right now with Vogue 8941. Sad part is that it's probably the easiest dress to do. And that I'll probably love it when it's finally done. With that in mind, and my growing urge for instant gratification, last night, I started something new. I had about a yard left of the Vera Wang fabric after cutting Vogue 8941, the above stated dress, and thought it would be good for a simple a-line skirt as long as the front and back were the same. Since I didn't have a pattern for that, I went into my closet and pulled out my gray charcoal skirt that I like. I've had it for years. I literally laid it on my fabric and cut the fabric out around it leaving room for a seam allowance. I then drove to Joanns after realizing that I didn't have an invisible zipper to match(thank goodness it was 8pm and they were still open). As of this morning I have one side completely sewn up and the zipper installed. This is how she looks so far.

By Saturday, I hope to have both the front and back facings done, and then I will attach a lining to the facing. Thanks to Ms. Adelaide B over at Pretty Sweet, I was introduced to Gertie's Blog. She has a tutorial for making vintage inspired slips. As a woman who grew up in a household were you didn't leave the house unless you had a slip on under your dress or skirt, I'm loving Gertie's blog. I especially love her scallop edge slip. I'm going to try the scallop edging out on the lining of my Vera Wang skirt. I think it will make an nice inside finish to the skirt.
By the way, I have to thank Karen for taking the picture of me yesterday in my new faux leather belt. It's so nice when sewing buddies work so near each other.

I also want to thank So NGLaLALa for sending me this lovely journal. I will use it for something awesome. This was the very first blog contest I've ever won.

A short time ago, I was awarded this by Eliana. If you haven't read her blog, please check it out. She is an amazing knitter/crocheter. I'm always amazed by her beautiful hand work. She does an amazing job.

Now, with this award, I'm suppose to tell 7 things about myself and then nominate 7 other people to do the same. Here goes:

1. I'm a last minutes person (Yes, Rachel, you were right about me.=)

2. I work well under pressure.

3. I don't like getting up early in the morning. I'm definitely a night person.

4. I love double decker peanut and jelly(it has to be grape jam) sandwiches on wheat toast with hot chocolate.

5. I love out of the dryer warm and cozy sweats on a cold rainy day.

6. I just got Netflix recently, and I think I'm addicted.

7. When I was in High School, I started writing a novel, but I never finished it.

The 7 people I nominate are:



meli88a said...

What a pretty skirt! Good choice for that fabric.

Faye Lewis said...

Your skirt is glam! Thanks for the award too.

Adelaide B said...

I love that fabric for a skirt. I've been trying to be good about making solid color skirts, but I may need to make a floral one for Spring now that I've seen yours.

Sheila said...

The skirt is coming along nicely and a great way to use up remnants.

Thanks for the award.

Angela said...

Lovely skirt! I'm glad you like the journal. Thanks for the links to the slips! I read Gertie's blog, but I guess the slips were posted before I started reading... I'm going to have try to make one one of these days. :)

Tanya said...

LOVE the skirt, the colors are beautiful, and the journal is too cute ready for the rest of your novel. Thanks for the award, I will post it over the weekend.

Eliana said...

Oh, almost lost your kind post, Andrea. Sorry for my delay, my dear!!!
Let me see: luv your floral skirt and your progress is great.
This journal is so adorable! TOT, you deserve it! I think it'll be very useful cause you can write a novel of your life :))
And glad to know more about you!


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