Monday, April 26, 2010

Easy Breezy Fun and Easy!!!

Last Saturday morning, I got up real early and finished by overlay top I talked about in my last post. I'm putting all my information together on how I drafted it. So, more to come soon.

I've been on the Amish Friendship Bread kick for about a month now. One of my friends gave me a starter a few weeks ago, and I've been making it ever since. This batch was my third. The one on the left has raisins in it, and the one on the right is plain. I've also made it with bananas and chocolate chips. Very Yummy. I like eating it for breakfast with a cup of tea.

Last Monday night I started working on this baby. Sista Girl Sheila gave me this pattern about a year ago and I thought it was about time I worked it up. Plus, who wouldn't love an easy breezey top every once and a while. I know I do. It went together pretty fast so I made another one. This second one is a bit longer. I can wear it as a mini dress or hike it up even more and wear it as a tunic with leggings. I plan on making a few more of these. Last night I did some tracing. I'm hoping to get a bit more done tonight, We'll see.

So, last night I finally caught up on the last 3 episodes of Project Runway that I needed to see. In my opinion, I believe that Seth Aaron deserved to win. Some of his garments are a little over the top for me, but man, can he tailor. He does beautiful work. Emilio produced a beautiful line, and I agree with the judges, it was very commercial which is good, but I expected a little more from him for the runway. I wasn't too crazy about Mila all season, but I love what she produced for the runway. Did anyone see the Reunion Show? Who else wanted to slap Jay Nicolas besides me?


Adelaide B said...

Your versions are waaaay cuter than the pictures on the pattern envelope. (I don't know why they do that. I never would have looked twice at this pattern.)

Susan said...

I agree with Adelaide, your tops should be on that envelope. Really stunning.

Tanya said...

We will just have to agree to disagree because I think Emilio should have won but we can agree on those tops they are both gorgeous. Now I'm off to watch the reunion show.

Cas... said...

Very nice tops.

I totally agree with you that Seth Aaron should have won. I did like most of Emilio's line but he needed to turn up the volume on his runway line.

Jay should be bitch slapped by the whole group. He really should have kept his mouth closed. Very petty of him.

Anonymous said...

Oooo love the tops! They will be so perfect for summer.

Faye Lewis said...

Baking and sewing too! You deserve a metal. I often make the choice to sew over cooking to my demise. Nice work.

Angela said...

Great tops! Hehe... I personally like Emilio's line better, but I think they were both good! I agree with you about Mila.

Karen said...

I just want to tailor like Seth Aaron when I grow up.

Not sure what happened with Emilio - his work all the way through was much better than his final collection. I guess he was just trying to show how commercial his work COULD be, and it came off as just commercial, and not as interesting as we know it could have been.

Jay needed to get smacked across the room. (Of course, after having been told she had bad teeth and thick legs, who knows if the Irish model didn't kick the crap out of him during the break?)

Love the tops, the fabric on teh second one is especially you.

Eliana said...

It's so beautiful!!! The 2nd top as mini dress is so perfect!!! You're very talented :)

kaetrn said...

well now you must share what the amish friendship bread is!


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